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{| class="sortable roundtable" style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background: #{{Bulba color light}}; border: 2px solid #{{Bulba color dark}}"
! ID
! Type
! Name
! Episode
! User
! Art
{{User:Minibug/Debut/move|001|Normal|Pound|EP062|S1|Clefairy Tales|{{an|Jigglypuff|A wild Jigglypuff}}|0039|Jigglypuff}}
{{User:Minibug/Debut/move|002|Fighting|Karate Chop|EP029|S1|The Punchy Pokémon|{{p|Machop|A Trainer's Machop}}|0066|Machop}}
{{User:Minibug/Debut/move|176|Normal|Conversion 2|none}}
{{User:Minibug/Debut/move|177|Flying|Aeroblast|EP221|S1|A Parent Trapped!|{{p|Lugia|A wild Lugia}}|0249|Lugia}}
ID Type Name Episode User Art
001  Normal  Pound S1EP062
Clefairy Tales
A wild Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
002  Fighting  Karate Chop S1EP029
The Punchy Pokémon
A Trainer's Machop Machop
176  Normal  Conversion 2 S99
177  Flying  Aeroblast S1EP221
A Parent Trapped!
A wild Lugia Lugia

Template fields

Unnamed parameters

  • 1 - Three-digit move id.
  • 2 - Move type.
  • 3 - Move name.
  • 4 - The epicode for the episode/chapter the move debuted in. "None" if the move hasn't debuted, and don't fill out any other fields.
  • 5 - The "series" number the move debuted in, used for sorting.
  • 6 (optional) - The title of the episode/chapter. Do not include for moves that have made a debut only outside the main series.
  • 7 - Template call for the Pokémon that used the move, e.g. {{an|Jigglypuff|A wild Jigglypuff}}
  • 8 - The Pokémon's four-digit national dex number.
  • 9 - The Pokémon's name.

Named parameters

  • fsuffix (optional) - Form name abbreviation that goes after the national dex number in the MSP/HOME template call.
  • note (optional) - Used to list the episode for Pokémon that debuted in a movie, Pikachu short, etc., prior to debuting in the main series.