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Hey, I'm Jasper and I live in the Netherlands. Im a guy, I have Dark blond (brown) hair and brown eyes. I like pokémon games, just like I like almost every nintendo game. If you want to know how I would have made the type chart in pokémon games, go here.

My Pokémon history

Before I had any games at all

I watched the (Dutch) Pokémon Anime since I was little, and I really liked it. I also collected the pokemon trading cards and Pokémon flippo's, and I knew all pokémon names from Generation I since I had a poster with all 150 on it, and because of the flippo's, cards and Anime I slowly learned various other pokémon.

Pokémon Sapphire

Pokémon Sapphire. That's where it then all started for me. It was my Birthday in 2004, I was in 5th grade and I would turn 10 (The Irony, pokemon trainers also start when they're ten years old). I already saw a friend of mine having Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Ruby and the games seemed fun to me, so I asked a Game Boy Advance and a Pokémon Sapphire for my birthday, which I then got. I didn't much English, so I didn't understand what everyone was saying so I frequently asked my mom what they were saying, but after a while she got tired of it. My first pokémon was Treecko, and then I caught a Zigzagoon and a Ralts. I knew how to catch pokémon, but I only attempted to catch one when it's hp was in the red part, so I didn't catch a Poochyena or Wurmple for that reason. Now I have to guess but my six first pokémon ever became Treecko, Zigzagoon, Ralts,Lotad Taillow, and Whismur(?) that way. For some reason I now started to understand the dialogue a bit, although I prenounced everything (including pokémon names) wrong. My first pokémon to evolve was Treecko (duh). My second was either Zigzagoon or Grovyle, I can't remember. Grovyle evolved in Route 110 and zigzagoon in Route 117. I picked the Root Fossil in the desert. Let's skip to later in the game. I captured Kyogre in my Master ball. When I finally arrived at the Hoenn League I borrowed my friend his Blaziken Zangoose, groudon, and another pokémon I can't remember and used my own Sceptile and Kyogre. I beat the champion and entered the hall of fame (wich became nr. 0, probaly because I used four of my friends pokémon). I then tried completing my Pokédex. I took the mission on the abandoned ship, and after geting the Deepseatooth I scammed my neighbour out of his Deepseascale. After a looong while I got 199 pokémon, no milotic. With my great contest pokémon Temedie I won all masterrank contests thus making my trainer card bronze. I then also finally got Milotic wich made my trainer card silver. I tried to make it gold at the battle tower but I couldn't. I have also trained various pokémon to level 100 on Sapphire (without knowing of ev's yet) they are: Sceptile, Linoone, Alakazam, Kyogre, Gardevoir, Blaziken, Swampert, Milotic, Misdreavus, Vileplume, Scizor, Groudon,Mewtwo and Rayquaza. My national dex is also pretty far on Sapphire, too bad I don't hardly play it anymore.

Pokémon Silver

No, this is not mixed up. I bought my Silver secondhand on the internet, with the main reason being that I wanted to see some Johto pokémon, because I didn't knew all of those yet. And since I played Silver on my GBA and didn't have a gameboy colour, I couldn't trade any pokémon from other games, and thus never completed my dex. After I completed the game and got my Meganium to lv100, it restarted itself. Then I played it all over again and eventually it crashed again.

Pokémon Leafgreen

Since I had to complete my pokédex on Sapphire, I bought this game. I just played the game, nothing special about it. I didn't have a wireless thingy tough, so I couldn't play the special games. After I completed the whole plot, that means that I beat every trainer on seven island and could trade with Ruby and Sapphire, my Venusaur was lv100 and I didn't use any move tutor at all (because I wanted to save them for later). I made eggs of all kinds of kanto pokémon and traded them to Sapphire. Thanks to my brother who has Firered, I could get all of the Kanto pokémon. The fact that I traded them all to Sapphire became very usefull for my Diamond, especially because my leafgreen turned out to be a fake copy, which was unplayable on the DS, and I thus couldn't transfer pokémon from it. Later my Leafgreen crashed, and everytime you start a new game on it, it deletes itself if you remove the game from the GBA. If you're interested in this, I picked the Helix Fossil.

Pokémon Colosseum

This game is one of the best games ever! Seriously, I really enjoyed this. You have to catch pokémon from other trainers, how great is that? "Oh, it's a shadow pokémon!", Amazing. I bought this game together with my brother for our new gamecube, because we saw his friend playing this and we liked it. We both had our own file because we had two different memory cards. The opening sequence features Espeon waiting in the car while the main character steals the machine with Umbreon. This became a running gag with me and my brother. The first Shadow Pokémon I caught was Makuhita, and my second Bayleef. I caught every shadow pokémon without missing even one. The plot was really good, Miror B. is extremely funny with his cool theme and Ludicolo. I also never suspected mayor Es Cade to be the evil Evice. After I purified all Shadow pokémon (without the use of a Time Flute) I traded the legendary pokémon (Raikou, Entei and Suicune), and some other pokémon back and forth just to breed their pre-evolutions. I did complete the Mt. Battle in the story mode, but not yet in the battle mode, I'm still working on that.

Pokémon Emerald

Then I bought Pokémon emerald. Main reason: so I could have my own Groudon. The Battle Frontier was pretty fun too. I have already won the Silver Luck Symbol and the Silver Knowledge Symbol. Not much to say here. oh, I don't like the alternate colour of the Meteor Falls, and I don't like how Juan now is the gym leader of Sootopolis City, and Wallace got to be the Champion instead of Steven.

Pokémon XD

Then I bought pokémon XD. My opinion: Not such a good plot as in Colosseum. After a while I immediatly found out that Mr. Verich was evil, which turned out to be true. I evolved my Eevee into an Espeon. I also don't like the new Admins as much as the ones before, altough I do like Gorigan, since he acts like a monkey and has a cool theme, (and Lovrina is pretty good-looking, although Venus looks better ;) ). The addition of the Battle Sims and Battle Bingo was also really fun though. Mirror B.'s new outfit also isn't as cool as the one before, and I don't like the new Shadow moves too. I now caught all Shadow pokémon (without missing even one) and purified them all.

Pokémon mystery dungeon blue rescue team

I then finally bought a DS. A DS lite. And you can guess what my first game was. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon that's right. I reset the game as long untill I got to be Treecko. Which I eventually became. My partner became Mudkip. I really love this game, I even cried at the ending. I now recruited all legendaries except Jirachi and Celebi. I completed the whole plot, and thus I rescued Gardevoir. I didn't spot Munchlax yet. Oh, and before I forget to mention, I'm Lucario rank.

Pokémon Diamond

On 31 July 2007 I bought my pokémon Diamond. My second pokémon game for the ds, my first pokémon main game for the ds, and my sixth ds game overall. If someone has been reading all this (but probably not, because I'm no famous bulbapedia user or something) they would notice a pattern, and they would know what starter I would choose. Yup, it was Turtwig. About the game: Sinnoh is cool, but I like Hoenn better anyway. The new Poketch is nice, and so is the GTS. I already got multiple Deoxys from there by offering some Munchlax. Team Galactic is nice but I still like Team Aqua better (better music). Mars and Jupiter are good-looking though. I also like some of the gymleaders. Roark is funny, and Gardenia and Candice are very good-looking too. Same goes for Cheryl. Cynthia is pretty good-looking too I guess. Fantina disgusts me however. Dawn's nice and all, but not nearly as hot as May ;-). But back to the point. Super contests suck. I really think so. The dress-up round is nice, the dancing round is lame but I'm ok with it. But they just screwed up the appeal round. The cool things like making combo's and stuff was cool, but it's gone now. I also like pokeblocks better then poffins. I don't know why, it just is that way. One more thing to complain: I don't like cross-generation split-evolutions, so I don't like Frosslass or Gallade. No really, I really hate Gallade. Finally having a grass eeveelution is nice though. Yay for Leafeon!