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{{User Favorite|491|Darkrai}}
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{{User Favorite|644|Zekrom}}
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{{User Favorite Move|644|Fusion Bolt|Electric}}
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{{User Favorite Ability|485|Flash Fire|Fire}}
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{{User Favorite Type|025|Electric}}

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Mick Booterhood (Japanese: ミック Mick) is a user and contributor of the Bulbagarden Pokémon community.

Story with Pokémon


Pokémon Blue Version

009Blastoise Dream.png

Later in October 1999, I were surprised when my dad came home with a Pokémon Blue Version game copy. I was so excited for playing it on my Game Boy that I woke up next day very happy. I really didn't knew why my dad had to bought Blue instead of Red Version. Maybe he thought that my favourite color is blue. When I turned my console on with the Pokémon game inserted on it, I couldn't stop smiling through all the game's intro. When I started a new game, I remember naming the character Mick and the Rival was named Arthur, because Arthur was my best friend through all the childhood. And guess what; today we still meet. My starter Pokémon was Squirtle, because it looked like the turtle that appeared in the boxart and as I watched the anime on SIC, I knew that Pokémon evolved, so as I knew that Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise were the fully evolved of all them, Squirtle was who looked more close to Blastoise, and was a Water-type. After maybe one month and half I finished the game by beating the Champion. The game wasn't very hard as I though at the beginning. But then I realized something; after I opened the Pokédex option in the menu and I saw that I didn't even reached to catch over 40 Pokémon, so as the game's slogan was 'Gotta catch 'em all!', I finally realized that our true objective was complete that Pokédex! Of course, it was impossible in that time catch them all without some help. So my friend Arthur bought Red Version in middle November 1999, and I helped him getting through the game, even still he was a videogame expert in time like me. We had many trades to full each's Pokédex. So in the end of April - May (I'm not sure), me and Arthur had completed all the Pokédex with the help of a friend of mine that helped us with the Bulbasaur evolutionary line. Of course, it was 150 Pokémon, and the 151st Pokémon was not included, however But when we noticed, there was a new challenge upcoming on June.

Pokémon Yellow Version

025Pikachu Dream.png

Seeing Pokémon Yellow Version revealed at the public in the TV Commercial made me shocked to the point of never being the same again. Both I and Arthur knew the commercial in the time, so I wasn't the only kid of being sterical. Arthur received in end of June 2000, and I got it at the beginnings of July. Receiving Pikachu as the starter wasn't a big surprise, but I've been shocked for the second time knowing that he followed us! And the sprite was more gorgeous than before, as well. I loved the new sprites, specially Blastoise and Charizard. I used Pikachu all my adventure away as the main and powerhouse of my team. There borned my unbreakable bond of me and the Electric-type Mouse Pokémon. Since the gameplay was eventually the same, I and Arthur beat the game faster than Red and Blue, but that doesn't mean it was less than a month. We both completed the Pokédex again transfering Pokémon from our older games to Yellow Version. I and Arthur then started training Pokémon to Level 100. My first ever Pokémon to be Lv.100 was Pikachu, due to always use it many times in battle through the game and its Medium Fast Experience group. The second one was my Blastoise from Blue which I already received at Lv.79, but its Medium Slow Experience group made it slower than Pikachu, which took relatively more time than Pikachu, because I didn't use it very much due to it being already at high level. Not much time before Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions' release, I already had 4 Pokémon at Level 100: Pikachu, Blastoise, Arcanine and Dragonite and I was training Mewtwo and Articuno to Level 100, which I couldn't conclude in time before buying Pokémon Silver Version.


Pokémon Silver Version

249Lugia Dream.png

My third Pokémon game ever was Pokémon Silver Version. It didn't take long to decide which I would choose between Totodile and Cyndaquil, which toke to my friend Arthur, which had bought Gold Version, to decide which would be its starter. Well, he decided to take over Totodile, so I borrowed Cyndaquil. The new story made me extremely excited. With the help of Arthur we both beat the game past some brief long 3 weeks, but was worthy. My first legendary ever in the game was Entei, and I still love it today. Next up was Lugia, the legendary Pokémon from the boxart. After sucesfully catching Lugia, beat the League, capture all the legendary beasts trio and catching all the Pokémon in Johto, I got the National Pokédex which let me amazed. I transfered some Pokémon from my Pokémon Blue Version and Yellow Version games to Silver so I could complete the Pokédex. When I found that there was a way to travel to Kanto, I became extremely excited. I quickly started the next step of completing the Kanto League, which I could finally finish it after some weeks later, probably a month. The next step was strive to complete the National Pokédex. However, as the friend that helped me and Arthur with Bulbasaur didn't bought either Gold or Silver Versions, so we couldn't get Chikorita. However, as the completion of the National Pokédex without counting with Mew, Celebi or the Chikorita evolutionary line took about some nearly 3 months and half, it was enough time to buy the other version to help us with Chikorita, even when Pokémon Crystal Version was close by.

Pokémon Gold Version

250Ho-Oh Dream.png

In early July 2001 I could finally buy Pokémon Gold Version to help me with the National Pokédex completation. 2 months later the third game of the series, Pokémon Crystal Version, was released. However, I couldn't buy it because I just bought a new game. After all, to me, it had nothing new but Suicune in the boxart, animated sprites at the beginning of the challenge and some very few details changed, so I let it go. Even after completing the National Pokédex on Pokémon Silver Version, I restarted Pokémon Gold Version, this time with Totodile as the starter, and for fun, I got trough the whole game one more time. I gone through the whole Johto and Kanto regions again, completing every detail the game had. The game, along with Silver Version, took about a full year to complete it at one hundred percent. Then I got to use the Pokémon Gold Version, together with the Silver Version of course, to help my friend Arthur to complete the progress at one hundred percent. I could borrow his game and I finished its game some time earlier because I still remembered some details. When I gave the game away it was in the year of 2002, not many time left to 2003, so I patiently waited for the next Pokémon games on the way, which would be released in my country at 25th July 2003, the Europe release date for it. And yes, I live in Portugal, which is in the west side of the Europe, in case you may wonder why I receive the games later than great part of you all.

Pokémon Ruby Version

383Groudon Dream.png

So, as I told in the Pokémon Gold Version arc, when I completed all my business of the Generation II games, it was in one of the two last months of 2002, 2003 coming on the way. So in July of that year, my parents preordered a bundled Pokémon Ruby Version with a Gameboy Advance console coming with the game, and right in the day of release, they gave the game to me. I was so excited with the game and the console that I couldn't believe that I've got a Gameboy Advance with a Pokémon game! The all-new Pokémon and graphics made me very happy for being one of the first persons to get that game. My starter Pokémon was Torchic because I tought it was the cutest of all (but I also found Mudkip very cool). As long as I started battling with the Poochyena made me feel hard to believe it was really a original Pokémon game, but it was no doubt it was. 2 weeks later (I think) I beat the champion with the help with the fresh and new caught Groudon, because you know, Steven, the Champion of Ruby and Sapphire Versions, use Steel-types, and Groudon's Fire- and Ground-type attacks are super-effective against Steel-types. As I couldn't connect with Generation I or II games, I needed to complete the National Pokédex all over alone, because none of my friends had either Ruby or Sapphire. It was a pain to get 'em all again, but I've "done" the job after much more than a year. However, it was not all filled; Pokémon like Jirachi, Deoxys, Latias, Kyogre and those version-exclusive from Sapphire were unable to me, so I couldn't finish the Pokédex. When I received an E-Card I finally could capture Latias. But it still was missing Deoxys, Jirachi, Mew, and those event Pokémon. However, I discovered my friend Arthur had bought a Nintendo GameCube and Pokémon Channel, which helped me catching Jirachi.

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions

006Charizard Dream.png
003Venusaur Dream.png

The remakes of the Pokémon Red and Green Versions games were my favorite. My parents bought me both because the store I usually buy my videogames were in promotion of taking FireRed and LeafGreen for the price of one in the first week of release. In FireRed I choosed Charmander and in LeafGreen I first choosed Bulbasaur to transfer for Ruby, and then I definitively choosed Squirtle to revive my Blastoise bond. Even through I liked FireRed the most, I played LeafGreen more than FireRed. I think it was because I missed my Blastoise very much since from my Blue old times. I finished the League faster on LeafGreen, of course, but I finished FireRed's too. I could finally catch Deoxys and Lugia (I think we can only choose one between Lugia or Ho-Oh at Navel Rock) via my E-Reader. I transfered them to my Pokémon Ruby Version.

Pokémon Emerald Version

384Rayquaza Dream.png

About a year later after the FRLG event, at 2005, my parents incredibly preordered the brand fresh and new Pokémon Emerald Version as they did with Ruby Version! Rayquaza is one of my favorite legendary Pokémon of all, so I became extremely happy when I found out Rayquaza had its own game. The story wasn't changed at all from RS, but the final Gym Leader, the Champion, and other details were changed, but what I liked the most was the Rayquaza cutscene. And the Battle Frontier... I loved it! My friend Arthur also bought Emerald some days after I started playing it. As I did on Ruby, I choosed Torchic as the Starter Pokémon and Arthur choosed Treecko. After I beated the Hoenn League again, I could finally 'complete' the National Pokédex. Now I had two Latias, because I choosed 'Red' after I defeated the League. With the brand-new Emerald I could caught more event Pokémon, like an third Deoxys, a Ho-Oh, and my favourite; a Mew! When it take a infernal pain to capture Mew, I didn't bothered anything with the time taken. I was crazy thinking about having catch a Mew, finally! The 151st Pokémon unveiled; it was Mew! So, the only Pokémon that I didn't had in my game was Celebi. I also missed Lunatone, because it was a Sapphire-exclusive and we couldn't catch it on Emerald. But I met a friend sometime later that had many legitimate events and helped me with all them; he even had Celebi, because he came from North America and could had any possible event, from movies, companies premieres and more. When I toke a look at my National Pokédex, I had it ALL completed. All the 386 Pokémon. It was awesome!


Pokémon Pearl Version

484Palkia Dream.png

With the brand new Nintendo DS-enhanced Pokémon game, the new star games stared in stores. I choosed Pokémon Pearl Version a little later than its original European release date: 27th July 2007, along with a DS, because I simply loved Palkia. In my opinion, this game gave the Pokémon series a perfect jump to the new generation. The new sprites, Pokédex, Pokémon, rival, 3D enhancements... It just drived me crazy. I choosed Piplup as the starter, because I tought it was somehow related to Torchic, and I loved Empoleon. I really think Blaziken and Empoleon are a perfect duo. After some few days, I beat the Champion. The new option of transfering Generation III Pokémon to the game was perfect, so I quickly filled the Sinnoh Pokédex and steppend into the National Pokédex step. With all the Pokémon I had in my Ruby, FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald, it was easy to fill all the 386 Pokémon, but it took many time due to the 1-day limit of transferring. My Wi-Fi Connection and the events let me obtain the event Pokémon quickly. Even through I finished it nearly a hundred percent, I still collected other event Pokémon via Wi-Fi and traded with friends for other event Pokémon with exclusive moves. Unfortunately, my Arthur couldn't buy neither Pearl, neither Diamond. I didn't quite knew why. One of the funny factors in my Pearl game was that Registeel's DP sprite was changed to the Pt Sprite because it resembled a {{wp:Nazi salute}}, but in my Pearl copy, the sprite remained the same! Odd, isn't it?

Pokémon Platinum Version

487Giratina Origin Forme Dream.png

After a long time of not doing it, I could preorder the brand new Pokémon Platinum Version. The Battle Frontier returned again; and that maked me really happy! The Distortion World really made me drive crazy with all the puzzles, it was simple awesome! The new aspects, the snow, the player's clothes... are cooler than ever! And Giratina's new forme really made me crazy. I loved that snake-like look on Giratina. Or should I mean, Origin Forme! So, moving along. I choosed Chimchar instead, because I kinda don't want to use the same starter all over and over. The game taked a little longer than Pearl because I wanted to catch every Pokémon in my way at the time. With the game beated, I received the National Dex and transfered my Pokémon from Pearl to my party and completed the National Dex after a big while. As I did in Pearl, I keep collecting events sent over by Wi-Fi and doing trades with friends.


Pokémon White Version

644Zekrom Dream.png

I'm patiently for Pokémon White Version. I'm going to get it from the markets at 4th March 2011. If its already past that date is that I'm playing the game and need to finish it off before posting all it here.

Project Fandom

Character Project

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