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Hi My name is Jomphol Tangsripongkul.I come from Thailand.This website is place for all information about pokemon for me.So i really love this website and like to help expanding it more and more.Despite I am not very well in English and know only little information.I will do my best!

My shininess story

My first was Buizel.From egg when I am hatching for perfect IVs Buizel.A little sad that it got hasty nature not jolly that I want.But it was shininess with perfect IVs!!!

Second was shiny geodude I met it while I was traning defense Evs for my omastar.

Third was Shiny Milotic. This one is special winner prize from unofficial tornament at my school.It is the most beatiful pokemon for me!

I am expert water-type trainer.(I am best water-type trainer in school at least)I have all water-type pokemon.But I will use only non-legendary for battle.

Currently I own 86 non-legendary water-type pokemon(One pokemon can have more than one style of play everyone knows that)31 of them already reach lv100,others are still in training. In future when new version(combination of Black and white>< I still waiting for it)There will be about 30 more water-type I had planned.

Pokemon Battle I love double battle very much.My pokemon can all support each others.I dislike single battle since it is hard to support each other.I never try roulet battle and triple battle yet.But I think my pokemon would doing great on triple battle.But for roulet battle I am not sure I will like it.

My pokemon team This is my most use pokemon team at my school.It won almost every match at my school(double battle only).

Starmie Role:Fast supporter and fast psychic in case needed Weakness:Fragile

Milotic(Shiny) Role:Special defender,Mirror coat(my favorite) Weakness:Low defense(I hate leaf blade)

Kingdra Role:Rain Dance,Durable capable for long battle Weakness:Physical dragon-type move(Most time starmie or floatzel will solve these problem)

Floatzel(shiny) Role:Fast physical sweeper,Rain dance while on sunny day Weakness:Even more fragile than starmie

Gyrados Role:physical sweeper,cut enemy physical power,grass-type tanker Weakness:Of course rock-type and electric-type

Ludicolo Role:special sweeper,water-type killer,If neccesary for gyrados to use earthquake Ludicolo will be send out. Weakness:Have many weakness and low defense

My pokemon held item will change depend on enemy team and also they are various play style and all of them can support each other in double battle.

Also they are many more play style because I have many water-type pokemon Physical Sweeper(Almost complete) Physical Defender(Almost complete) Special Sweeper(Almost complete) Special Defender(Almost complete) Status Aliment(Almost complete) Reflector(Waiting for training) Trick room(In development) Water log(Future pokemon prepared) Water absorb(Almost complete) Swift Swim(completed) Antagonist(In development) Battle Frenzy(Waiting for training) All star(As mentioned above)

Also Future plan that will be on GenV Physical Sweeper(Upgrade) Physical Defender(Upgrade) Special Sweeper(Upgrade) Special Defender(Still the same) Status aliment(Few upgrade) Reflector (Still the same) Trick room(upgrade) Water log (Should be complete) Water absorb(Improve) Swift Swim (few add) Antagonist (Should be complete) Water in sunny day(In studying and developing) Battle Frenzy (Should be complete) Light cup(In studying and developing) 15 All star (Change to match opponent)

More edit coming soon!