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Revision as of 22:26, 27 September 2012 by Maxim (talk | contribs) (Yes, this is the moment. I'm declaring my retirement from Pokemon fandom. Thanks for all these exciting years but this is the time I moved on with my life. I'll never forget you peepz, so I hope that you never forget me as well. GOODBYE and THANK U!)
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My goodbye notice

A Pokémon fan since 2000 (when Pokémon franchise hit the Polish market), Bulbapedia member since 2005, Hinomizu Maxim De Sushitsu Nami Rulez, decides to quit the Pokémon fandom once forever. The decision may seem pretty sudden, as I was active until pretty much the last day. But I've really planned it for months. I'm moving into a new living place, miles away from my home to start studying on a University. It's not a matter of having no time - I'm simply willing to move on with my life. I'll have to get used to completely new everyday life, new people. It's high time I started anew and I don't see the room for Pokémon in my new life. But nonetheless, I'd like to thank everyone for all these years. Editing Bulbapedia was a really awesome experience and has taught me really much. I'll never forget it. Pokémon is the absolute legend of my youth and I'm glad that I was able to build my own legend as a part of its fandom. I hope that I'll be remembered.

Goodbye, my friends and those who never liked me. And thank you.

~Hinomizu Maxim De Sushitsu Nami Rulez