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Favorite Character

  • Iris- she's sassy, hyper, and witty.

Characters I dislike

  • Dawn/Hikari - She's way too girly, vain, stupid,irritating,and whiny.

  • Drew - he's such a jerk-ass,annoying, and a hoto(if you know spanish you know what this means, and i don't hate gays but he acts gay and since i hate him, i'm insulting him by saying that)

Fave peokmon canon,fanon, and crossover shippings

  • Dreamshipping(my orignal crossover, and OTP)- Ash/Wendy darling(from peter pan)
  • Advanceshipping -Ash/May
  • Negaishipping- Ash/Iris
  • OrangeShipping - Misty/Tracey
  • BelleShipping- Drew/Dawn
  • BrunettShipping - May/Gary
  • MockShipping- Paul/Ursula
  • Barry/zoey(don't know the name for this shipping)
  • Againistshipping- Paul/Zoey
  • Egoshipping- Gary/misty
  • FortuneShipping- Dawn(game)/Lucas
  • MareShipping- Ash/Bianca
  • Aquarangershipping- Lizabeth/Jackie wlaker
  • brock/kidd summers
  • Barry/Sakura
  • Barry/Iris
  • Sacroshipping -Professor oak/Professor araragi

Least fave ships

  • any incestual pairings
  • human/pokemon pairngs except for alto(i don't support alto but altoshipping is more tolerable though since latias can turn human)
  • ContestShipping
  • PalletShipping