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This is list of all moves that can be taught by TM, HM or Move Tutor. This list includes main series as well as XD. Obviously, this is incomplete.

# Move Generation
TM/HM Tutor TM/HM Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor Tutor TM/HM Tutor Tutor
5 Mega Punch TM01
13 Razor Wind TM02
14 Swords Dance TM03 TM75 TM75
18 Whirlwind TM04
25 Mega Kick TM05
92 Toxic TM06 TM06 TM06 TM06 TM06
32 Horn Drill TM07
34 Body Slam TM08
36 Take Down TM09
38 Double-Edge TM10
61 BubbleBeam TM11
55 BubbleBeam TM12
58 Ice Beam TM13 TM13 TM13 TM13
59 Blizzard TM14 TM14 TM14 TM14 TM14
63 Hyper Beam TM15 TM15 TM15 TM15 TM15
6 Pay Day TM16
66 Submission TM17
68 Counter TM18
69 Seismic Toss TM19
99 Rage TM20
72 Mega Drain TM21
76 SolarBeam TM22 TM22 TM22 TM22 TM22
82 Dragon Rage TM23
85 Thunderbolt TM24 TM24 TM24 TM24
87 Thunder TM25 TM25 TM25 TM25 TM25
89 Earthquake TM26 TM26 TM26 TM26 TM26
90 Fissure TM27
91 Dig TM28 TM28 TM28 TM28 TM28