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While I have refrained from obscene language on this page, I still may have posted a Pokémon or two that you like. Needless to say, I don't care if I hurt your feelings, but I do respect your opinions anyway. So, NO. I will not remove <insert Pokémon> because it's your favorite, but I welcome you to yell at me all you want on the talk page.

Generation I

Generation I, the Gen that started it all. Despite listing Pokemon here, I can't hate most of these guys too much. I grew up with them! But even from the start, for one reason or another, sometimes a Pokemon just rubs me the wrong way, and I don't like it.

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why?
Raticate Spr 1b 020.png 020.png You're a beginning trainer learning the ropes. Rattata is everywhere and these things learned Quick Attack early. The opposing trainers loved to use it on the weak new trainer. Even as the game goes on, these things never go away. They're fast, and they have Super Fang (and in Generation IV, Sucker Punch). Now, Raticate can do some nifty things, and getting beaten by a Raticate has to hurt, but when you're playing single player, there's far better Pokemon to use, and they're pretty annoying to get used against you.
Pikachu Spr 1b 025.png 025.png The mascot, and even the messiah for some kids. Kids, face the facts, Pikachu is awful. I will say, it is fast, hits decently hard (with Light Ball that is), and Raichu isn't the worst thing in the game but, there's better choices. If Pikachu wasn't the mascot, it would just be a generic middle evolution, but no, it IS the mascot, so this otherwise mundane electric rodent is everywhere.
Clefable Spr 1b 036.png 036.png What we have here is a failure to design a Pokemon. They just took Clefairy and stretched it out, making istreally bland, awkward Pokemon. I really don't have much to say about Clefable because I find it so bland. Bland design, bland appearance, stats, cry, evolution relatives! It's movepool isn't bland, and it has Magic Guard (one of my favorite abilities), but why bother? It's stats are too mundane to do anything significant. Though, you might be able to put your opponent to sleep. No, not from Sing, but from how boring it looks.
Hypno Spr 1b 097.png 097.png I just don't like Hypno. It's goofy looking, its cry is too long, its stats are terrible. Shamefully, I don't have much to say on this one. I guess I could say that Gen I gave us a ton of Psychic-types, and Hypno sits at the bottom of the stack, especially after the Special split of Gen I. Besides, how can anyone like a kidnapper?
Electrode Spr 1b 101.png 101.png High speed means it will either paralyze you or blow up in your face before you get to attack. Low attack means that it will do hardly any damage. Add to that they're inability to learn Electric-type attacks by level-up (until Gen III and nothing terribly good as of now), and you've got one useless Pokémon. Voltorb and Electrode are the same thing, fast and pointless. Possibly my most hated of Generation I.
Chansey Spr 1b 113.png 113.png It's incredibly stupid looking for one (that first gen sprite doesn't help), and at the time, it was insanely hard to get a hold of. Moreover, you'd think that because they were so hard to find, they would be super useful, and to people who don't like playing the game, they are! I hate walls...a wall to me is someone who refuses to play. Stalling your opponent into submission is just a waste of time. We play the games to have fun. Sitting there, wasting time as you damage it, and it heals it off is not fun, its boring.
Jynx Spr 1b 124.png 124.png Let me be clear. This has nothing to do with race, the Nordic people, Vikings, Ganguro, Yamanba, Zwarte Piet, opera singers, Yuki-onna, or frostibe. It has nothing to do with any of them because we still don't know what Jynx is based off of, and even so, it would be ridiculous for me to hate it for what it's based on (specific exceptions aside). No, regardless what it's based on, it's hideous, it has a stupidly long cry, and it's overall just a creepy Pokemon. Especially in it's 3D appearances. I think Jynx was just a bad idea from the start and it's certainly proven unnecessarily troublesome for Nintendo as well.

Generation II

The stunningly good sequel to the original games brought forth some new changes in both color, gameplay, mechanics, stats, locations, and of course, new Pokemon. As with Gen I, I remember Gen II quite fondly and don't truly hate all of the Pokemon on this list. But that doesn't mean I can't hold some animosity, right?

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why?
Chikorita Spr 2s 152.png 152.png I love it when I hate a Pokemon everyone else likes. Chikorita is well loved by the fans, and personally, I can't stand it. It checks off a number of my boxes. No, I don't think it's ugly, but it's evolution line are defensive Grass-types. Right off the bat, I don't like walls, and I don't like Grass-types. This is just dead weight to me. Meganium is by no means the worst Pokemon ever, and even Chikorita isn't completely awful, but I never ever liked them. Also, I found its jealous personality in the anime to just be really annoying.
Lanturn Spr 2s 171.png 171.png A disgrace to the Electric-type. Blatantly fraternizing with the enemy (Water-type). And what do we get out of this equation? A garbage Pokémon. True, it functions well as a wall thanks to its huge HP, but that's no fun. Meet these things in single player and they're more likely to paralyze you than fight you, probably because they can't do any real damage. The idea of an angler fish Pokemon is fine, but Lanturn always struck me as a lazy execution. Incidentally, Link's Awakening contained an Angler Fish boss that was similarly flawed. Looked scary but a real pushover.
Ampharos Spr 2s 181.png 181.png Let me make something clear about Ampharos. I don't dislike it because of what it is. I dislike it because of what it isn't, and what it isn't is Mareep or Flaaffy. Ampharos is slow, but otherwise meh, and design wise its meh as well, but the fact of the matter is that Mareep and Flaaffy are awesome, and Ampharos....just isn't.
Marill Spr 2s 183.png 183.png You know, I can't describe why I hate Marill, I just do. I want to punt one like a football. Could be all the hype of "Pikablu", and my natural hatred of Pikachu. If I had to place some reason for blame, their stats don't help. You see, the Marill family are all sorta tanks, and I HATE tanks. I don't know why Game Freak felt the need to give it Pure Power. Admittedly, it does take an otherwise useless Pokemon and make it a little less useless, but certainly not for me. Side note: Due to a humerous incident in Melee, my friends and I call Marill an Argentinian Assassin. No, details will not be given why.
Hoppip Spr 2s 187.png 187.png A Flying-type that can't learn Fly better be really good otherwise. Right out of the gate we have a problem. Add to that Hoppip's useless attack stats, and common weaknesses, and you've got the butt of a joke. Actually, "attacking" is a bit of a joke because Hoppip's hobby seems to be Splashing about. When it turns into Jumpluff, it becomes fast. That's really annoying given that all Grass-types ever do is deal a status ailment. It's main purpose in battle is to be annoying. Awesome.
Aipom Spr 2s 190.png 190.png What was I just saying about Chikorita? Something about fan favorites... Yea, people won't like this one, but I just hate Aipom. I think it's stupid, ugly, and in the anime (the one I don't watch), it was very annoying. I'm also not a fan of monkeys (this is a specific exception I mentioned in the Jynx summary). Generation IV gave us a new evolution and you can view my thoughts on it in my Gen IV section below. I think you get my point.
Quagsire Spr 2s 195.png 195.png Good type combo + bad stats + Electric-type trainer = I detest Quagsire. Wooper can go shove it too. Every Water-type in Generation I was weak to Electric, so they needed a way to balance it out. Thus, Wooper and Quagsire were born. It really does seem like they phoned it in on these two. They made the type combo, but couldn't be bothered to actually program any real purpose, other than it's type. It looks idiotic, has paint by number stats, and is generally a nuisance more than a real threat.
Wobbuffet Spr 2s 202.png 202.png Not only is it stupid looking, but thanks to Shadow Tag, if you encounter one in the wild, you've just lost a team member. During single play, that's really, REALLY annoying. It downright ticks me off. The fact they threw MORE of them into the wild (notably in Ruin Valley) is really infuriating. Did they realize they were making the most annoying Pokemon of all time? And if so, WHY DID THEY DO IT? I also like how they gave it a prevo....then banned it. Nice.
Corsola Spr 2s 222.png 222.png Hahahahahaha, Corsola is terrible. I mean really, what were they thinking? How could Game Freak possibly think this was going to work? Corsola had to be filler. They took a hunk of coral, painted half of it pink, put a happy little face on it, and dropped it into the ocean. I think they even forgot they made it because I never encountered one in the game until after I beat the E4 and accidentally fished one up. The hate here stems from the fact it exists at all.
Delibird Spr 2s 225.png 225.png Hahahahahaha, Delibird is disastrously terrible. You know what the worst part about Delibird is? Unlike Corsola, I bet they actually DID put effort into Delibird, and that makes it hilariously pathetic. Delibird's design is a curious one, and it could have played an interesting role had they gave it something to to. It may have been made solely as a plot device in the anime actually. That's the only medium where Delibird has any use whatsoever.
Blissey Spr 2s 242.png 242.png Blissey is the definition of pain in the ass and will forever be a massive (both figuratively, and literally) blob of hell. Its mere presence is enough to cause some people to fall into deep depression just from the knowledge that their opponent refuses to fight. All Blissey does is waste your time, and ruin the fun. It will forever torment its opponent with apathy as it soaks up any Special based attack, and then just heals it all away. Forever. FOR-E-VER. FOR-E-VER. FOR-E-VER. Easily my most hated Pokemon of Generation II, and one of, if not the, most hated of all Pokemon.
Celebi Spr 2s 251.png 251.png Let me get this out of the way. No, my dislike of Celebi has absolutely nothing to do with the longstanding rivalry of Bulbagarden and No, my dislike of Celebi can very oddly be directed at an unlikely source. Pokemon 4ever. Before seeing that movie, I didn't like Celebi, but I didn't HATE it. It's a legendary, but it has seven weaknesses, and it's a Grass-type, which as I said, I'm not a fan of. But failing to live up to Mew's standard isn't course for utter hate. You see, I hated Pokemon 4ever so much that it drug Celebi into my hate bin. Celebi itself is just...meh, whatever. But when I think of Celebi, I am reminded of how it is at the source of me losing 90 minutes of my life.

Generation III

After Gen II, I took a hiatus from Pokemon. When I came back in Gen III, I was older, wiser, and eager to see what I had been missing. The insane amount of changes brought forth with Gen III revolutionized the series and added new life. I'm glad I played FRLG first because I didn't find Hoenn or RSE to be very engaging. Hoenn in particular I really dislike. SO MUCH SURFING. The latter half of the game was probably supposed to feel like an adventure, but I found it to be boring. Yes, I feel the same way about Wind Waker.

However, Gen III brought some interesting new Pokemon to enjoy. However, unlike previous generations, there isn't nearly as much nostalgia here, AND I compare some of these strongly AGAINST my nostalgia, so the hate will flow...

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Wurmple Spr 3r 265.png 265.png Falls into the same category of Weedle up there. New trainer, get poisoned. You also don't know if you get which evo you want until it's too late. Do the opening route Bugs ever become useful? Let's be honest, not really. But given Beautifly was one of the reasons I hated Gen III...
Beautifly Spr 3r 267.png 267.png It's the second coming of Butterfree!! Nice job of being lazy Nintendo. To date, in my opinion, its still the least original Pokémon of them all.
Slaking Spr 3r 289.png 289.png Awesome stats, overused, annoying ability. In the anime, he seems pretty cool, but I don't have the patience in the games to deal with Truant. He and Regigigas have parties together. No one else shows up, because every other party game involves taking a nap.
Nosepass Spr 3r 299.png 299.png I hate tanks, he's incredibly stupid looking, and of course, he's owned by the first gym leader. Gen IV gave him a new evo! You can see it in the next section. Oh dear..
Sableye Spr 3r 302.png 302.png No weakness at all. Thats just downright annoying. At least his crappy stats let us kill him pretty easily anyway. Gen IV gave us Spiritomb. Same concept, only useful. Sableye now watches from the sidelines.
Whiscash Spr 3r 340.png 340.png The return of Quagsire. Only now, it has lots of HP, but still has crappy stats. Gonna be hard to like something that gives earthquakes to Japan for fun.
Milotic Spr 3r 350.png 350.png As an Electric-type trainer, this thing is really annoying. It's Sp. Def should be illigal, and on top of that, maxing Beauty is a pain the arse. I dont hate Milotic as much as I hate fighting Milotic. Now that I battle a lot online, I see more of them. Great.
Dusclops Spr 3r 356.png 356.png Another damn tank...and of course, it's a Ghost so every attack it uses is a status attack. Fun. Another on the list that gets a Gen IV evo, which, again, can be seen below.
Luvdisc Spr 3r 370.png 370.png ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!
Stupidest Pokémon ever.
There's nothing more to say.
Regirock Spr 3r 377.png 377.png Worst Maybe, it's because they are tanks.
Regice Spr 3r 378.png 378.png legendaries Maybe, it's because they are stupid looking.
Registeel Spr 3r 379.png 379.png ever. Or maybe, it's because they are useless.

Generation IV

Generation IV was interesting. It brought one of the best innovations to the series with the Physical/Special move split allowing previously useless Pokemon to finally find some love. It also brought some 3D effects, and gave us the excellent HGSS. On the flip side, Sinnoh just doesn't feel very alive to me, and the story just didn't work for me.

The Pokemon though, well, we got a ton of welcome new evolutions, and some good originals as well, but, you know the drill, not all of them receive my praise.

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Infernape Spr 4d 392.png 392.png First off, it's a monkey, and I hate monkeys. Second, its totally unoriginal. And third, its a totally unoriginal monkey. Given it's the current Gen, and I hate it, there's not much to say. It's useful, but, I ain't using one.
Bidoof Spr 4d 399 m.png 399.png It's not "the most powerful Pokémon ever". Deal with it. Bibarel is a fantastic HM slave, but, that's about it.
Pachirisu Spr 4d 417 m.png 417.png In this day and age, there's no room for crappy non-evolving Pokémon. Some users won't let me hear the end of it. But I don't care. You can use it in contests, I don't care about them. I don't do them.
Gastrodon Spr 4d 423.png 423.png Ok, this one may not be as bad as Quagsire or Whiscash, but it's still stupid. Unlike the other 3 Water/Ground-types, Gastrodon is more special than physical. But, given the new Gen IV split, this is no longer useful. Oops.
Ambipom Spr 4d 424 m.png 424.png They pretty much made Aipom even stupider. Also, can someone tell me why it has udders for hands? A LOT of people like this thing, and I've yet to find out why. Technician can only get you so far; and moreover, it's no Scyther or Scizor. Guess it rolls back to contests or something.
Lopunny Spr 4d 428.png 428.png Are you serious? A Pokémon based off of bunny girls? That's really disturbing.. Fast with decent defenses, it's a good annoyer, I guess, but, why would I like something that's annoying me?
Spiritomb Spr 4d 442.png 442.png No weaknesses, and high defenses. Thanks Nintendo! They've crippled it with no speed, at all, so, it actually takes some strategy to use one. It's also, arguably, one of the best Blissey counters, one of my most hated Pokémon ever. Thusly, I sometimes use Spiritomb myself.
Probopass Spr 4d 476.png 476.png I'm pretty sure that's the absolute stupidest looking Pokémon of them all. Add the new Steel-type and I can thankfully score 4x damage to it and get it out of my face quickly. Heck no. What is there to like about it?
Dusknoir Spr 4d 477.png 477.png Ridiculous defenses, a ton of annoying moves it can use, over-used. Ugh. Once it's done annoying you, it can use its great attack stat to bring the pain. I love Dusknoir.

Generation V

Oh Gen V. The first Gen I got to see revealed, played, and die. What is there to say other than....Gen V was disappointing. I didn't mind the clean slate of new Pokemon, and anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I really enjoyed B2W2, but other than that...the Gen didn't bring that much to the table. Only two games, one being a sequel to the other, and I'm in the minority that found the BW story to be rather pointless. However, it did set-up B2W2's story, which I really liked, and the music from Gen V is pretty good overall.

The Pokemon? Well, we've got 156 new Pokemon. Some good, some great, some bad, some horrible. Gen V brought some Pokemon that were instant favorites of mine, but on the flip side, there are some truly bizarre decisions by Game Freak this time around. The starters are possibly my least favorite of them all, each bearing some glaring errors. I don't hate Emboar, but why is it yet ANOTHER Fire/Fighting and why is its learnset so void and difficult? Samurott is another Pokemon that I love the design of, but its stats are genuinely baffling. It's based on a samurai, but has more Special Attack and otherwise mundane stats. What happened??? There's more too, but lets start with the one starter I didn't mention here...

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why?
Serperior Spr 5b 497.png 497.png Where-as the other two have a bad movepool and typing, and poor stats respectively, Serperior has all three! Again, a good design but a pathetically shallow movepool, a design that looks like it would love to be paired with Dragon, and speed it has no real attacking prowess to use. Game Freak put a lot of effort into the designs of the starters, and that shines through, they all stand out visually, but when it came to program them, someone was asleep at the keyboard. Snivy is so cool he is meme worthy, but Serperior is just failed expectations. It coulda been a contender!
Watchog Spr 5b 505.png 505.png One thing I hate is early game status abusers. This forgettable, boring, nothing with its horrendously bland stats looks ridiculously stupid, looooves to use Hypnosis, and doesn't hesitate to use Super Fang, all the while showing up EVERYWHERE in Unova. Seriously, something that should be long forgotten after about mid-game is still on some late-game routes! Why??? Another minor complaint is that it doesn't even give two EVs making it extra useless for training.
Musharna Spr 5b 518.png 518.png Munna and Musharna, in my faux-professional opinion, are some of the ugliest looking Pokemon of them all. Sure, some people might call them cute, but Munna looks like a demonic floating elephant crossed with a little girl's pillow, and those bug-eyes on Musharna are downright frightening, while the pink vomit coming out of its head is just absurd. It is insanely slow, but it is also reasonably powerful. Don't fret though, it's far more likely to put you to sleep. Joy! I will give it credit though, grabbing a Munna in Dreamyard with Synchronize and a good Nature really helped grab some Pokemon with the desired Nature, but that could be said about any Synchronize user. Munna was just right place, right time.
Roggenrola Spr 5b 524.png 524.png Sturdy and Explosion. 'Nuff said.
Swoobat Spr 5b 528.png 528.png Zubat is annoying because it bothers you every five steps, but it at least has the decency to evolve into a good Pokemon. Woobat also loves to bug you every five steps, but opts to not evolve into anything remotely useful. Woobat and Swoobat are amongst my most hated of Gen V. I find them annoying on both a wild and battle basis, as well as having fantastically useless stats, and being disastrously ugly. Yes, another Pokemon some people consider cute, but not me. Moreover, Swoobat has some of the most pathetic stats for a fully evolved Pokemon in the series. It's fast and....that's it. Don't think you can rest easy when around it because while it can't do direct damage, it's another Pokemon that loooves status.
Audino Spr 5b 531.png 531.png Ooooh boy. *Rubs hands together* The Gen V version of Chansey and Blissey. I'll put it this way, Audino's purpose is to make the game easier. It's found everywhere, it gives a ton of experience, and its moves consist of healing everything. It has terrible stats, I think it looks stupid, and it doesn't actually serve a discernible purpose (other than to die for our benefit). Audino doesn't need to exist, and I wish it didn't. (U mad Umeko?)
Seismitoad Spr 5b 537.png 537.png A more normal Pokemon for a change. As a fan of Magnemite, it's natural for me to dislike Water/Ground-types. It's a forbidden type combo, but rightfully so, I respect a Pokemon that does it right. Swampert is so far the only one that isn't terrible. Why is it that of all the Water/Ground-types, they all have nearly the same exact stats? High HP, middling everything else. Seriously, go check them all, I'll even link them for you. Quagsire, Whiscash, Gastrodon. See that? Even Swampert follows the trend, it's just buffed enough to actually work. Seismitoad is the same, but with the added annoyance of Poison Touch (Btw, what's the point of Poison Touch? We already have Poison Point!).
Darmanitan Zen Mode Spr 5b 555Z.png 555Z.png Dear Game Freak, enough with the formes. If you're gonna have a Pokemon with stats that differ THIS MUCH and even give it AN EXTRA DAMN TYPE then seriously, SPLIT EVOLUTION. More to the point, It only works when its HP gets to half, so you have to have both Physical moves to get yourself to Zen Mode, and then Special attacks while IN Zen Mode. This is insanely pointless. I think having formes all over the place is dumb as it is, but this really defines the issue. Also, Zen Mode looks stupid, but you probably saw that coming.
Emolga Spr 5b 587.png 587.png Emolga bothers me for a number of reasons, but don't worry, I don't think Emolga is ugly (though its name sure is). Emolga is Game Freak's attempt at making a novelty Pokémon that doesn't suck. And they failed. Emolga sucks. It's like a much worse version of Serperior, it's fast but can't do anything with it's speed. Unlike Serperior, it doesn't even get any defense to play with. However, being a bad Pokemon isn't the only thing that I dislike about Emolga. It's because its a flying squirrel, an animal so ridiculous that it deserves to be made into a quality Pokemon, not some novelty garbage.
Amoonguss Spr 5b 591.png 591.png Fake items have been around since Gen I, and they're here to stay. They're annoying, but they add a little something extra and overall don't really bother me that much. However, the Pokemon that represent fake items have a nasty habit of being really stupid. Incidentally, if you flip Electrode's stats upside-down, you nearly get Amoonguss' stats. Also, Electrode has Static while Amoonguss has Effect Spore, allowing both of them to give you a crippling status! However, while Electrode is just a big ball with a face on it, Amoonguss is just...ugly. Also, Amoonguss has a stupid cry and a stupid name.
Jellicent Spr 5b 593 f.png 593.png When I first saw Jellicent, I actually liked it a lot. I don't think the male version looks that bad (seriously, respect the 'stache). A Water/Ghost typing is cool and suits a translucent thing like a jelly fish. Then I saw it's stats and I felt like I'd been stabbed by a box jellyfish. Aside from being fairly terrible, they're nearly the exact same as Tentacruel! THE OTHER JELLYFISH BASED POKEMON. The only difference is that instead of speed, it gets HP. Hooray? Jellicent itself is meh, but the fact its stats are nearly identical to Tentacruel is just....cruel. Also, the female version looks creepy.
Alomomola Spr 5b 594.png 594.png Hey, its the Luvdisc evolution that isn't a Luvdisc evolution! .......why? Why does Alomomola have to exist? If it were a Luvdisc evo, then we could at least know that Luvdisc's uselessness was not in vain (just), but instead we now have two atrociously bad heart shaped fish (ok, Alomomola isn't as bad as Luvdisc, but still). It looks stupid, it has no purpose, and it has a really stupid name.
Eelektross Spr 5b 604.png 604.png Eelektross having a pointless extra E in its name is enough for me to dislike it, but what it comes down to is that it Levitates for no reason at all. It's hard to tell from it's sprite on the left, but in the game, it is clearly hanging out on the ground. But it does have Levitate, which means it has no weakness, which is really stupid because it doesn't even have great defenses to be a wall. If they wanted to make an electric eel, then just make a Water/Electric and be done with it.
Stunfisk Spr 5b 618.png 618.png Why....who.....what is this supposed to be??? This really does check off just about the whole list of crap I hate in a Pokemon. It is unfathomably ugly, it has terrible(ish) stats (wasting its unique type combo), what stats it does have are geared towards walling (ugh...), it has Static, a stupid cry, a bafflingly popular fan following, uuhhhhh what else....ah, and it has a really dumb name. I admit, there's some good photoshop jokes of Stunfisk, but I'd gladly trade all of them for Stunfisk to never exist. This is my most hated Pokemon of Generation V, and one my most hated Pokemon in the entire series.
Mandibuzz Spr 5b 630.png 630.png Mandibuzz bothers me on a few specific levels. First, its a defensive Pokemon, and we all know I hate them. Second, same type as Honchkrow, but opposite stats. Third, Vullaby and Mandibuzz are difficult to even SEE in White and White 2. Fourth, I don't like its name. And lastly, IT'S A VULTURE AND IT'S DEFENSIVE. Mandibuzz could have been awesome, a strong evil vulture, but they decided to go with an ugly defensive vulture. WHY?? Mandibuzz was apparently added late in game development, but they should have just left it out, retooled it, and brought it back next time around.

Generation VI

Coming not very soon...