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While I have refrained from obscene language on this page, I still may have posted a Pokémon or two that you like. Needless to say, I don't care if I hurt your feelings, but I do respect your opinions anyway. So, NO. I will not remove <insert Pokémon> because it's your favorite, but I welcome you to yell at me all you want on the talk page.

Gen I

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Weedle Spr 1b 013.png 013.png I don't really hate Weedle (Wurmple and Spinarak too) , I just hate how you had just started your journey, and as you arrive in Viridian Forest, he poisons you. Thanks for that. Given I don't hate him that much to start, I can't gripe much. Beedrill is kinda cool, and once you, the player, get over Lv. 10 hes harmless.
Rattata Spr 1b 019.png 019.png You're a beginning trainer and these things learned Quick Attack early, and enemy trainers loved to use it on the weak new trainer. Unlike Weedle up there, these things never go away, and moreover, Raticate is even more annoying.
Pikachu Spr 1b 025.png 025.png The mascot, and even the messiah for some kids. Shut up! It's garbage! I'm not saying it isn't useful, it's fast, hits decently hard (with Light Ball that is), but, there's better choices.
Zubat Spr 1b 041.png 041.png I just want to get to Cerulean City!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Every time I catch one in any game, I name it "Annoying Bat" for obvious reasons... While Golbat carries the annoyance factor with it into bigger, harder caves, Crobat sort of makes up for it, he's sort of cool.
Abra Spr 1b 063.png 063.png Oh, that looks cool, I should catch one! "ABRA used Teleport!" SON OF A!! I'll use Bite to make him flinch! "Wild ABRA fainted!" AAAAHHH!! What I'm getting at is that its fast, and has pathetic defense, so, it either gets away, or it faints. This trait follows it all the way to Alakazam. Guess what, I don't like him either.
Farfetch'd Spr 1b 083.png 083.png In Gen I, you have to trade for this awful thing. I want to like Farfetch'd, I really do. A duck smacking people with a stick? Hilarious! But its too useless...also, typing its name is annoying. I will take him off this list when Nintendo takes my advise. After all, I actually created that page solely on the Farfetch'd idea alone!
Gastly Spr 1b 092.png 092.png STOP BOTHERING ME!! IM TRYING TO SAVE MR. FUJI!!! That, and as the only Gen I Ghost-type, it's part Poison rendering it pretty useless. Nintendo still throws him into dark places to annoy us, but at least these days they gave him some moves to attack with, and moreover the Physical/Special split did wonders for him.
Onix Spr 1b 095.png 095.png He's big. He's cool. He's totally and utterly useless...even later in the game, Hikers carry them around thinking we'll be afraid of them. Steelix. Not entirely sure why I cited him earlier though. He looks awesome, and hes an excellent single player physical wall. Other than that, just not usable.
Voltorb Spr 1b 100.png 100.png High Speed means they get to blow up in your face before you get to attack. Low Attack means that they will do hardly any damage at all. Add to that they're inability to learn Electric-type attacks by level-up (until Gen III), and you've got one useless Pokémon. NO. Electrode is the same thing, only bigger, dumber looking, and annoyingly faster.
Chansey Spr 1b 113.png 113.png It's incredibly stupid looking for one, and at the time, it was insanely hard to get a hold of. Moreover, you'd think that because they are hard to find, they would be super useful. I hate walls... It evolves into Blissey becoming the best, and obviously, most annoying special wall ever. Nintendo created this thing to annoy me, I swear.
Ditto Spr 1b 132.png 132.png Copy any Pokémon and use their attacks! WOW! By the way, it doesnt copy stats, and if you didn't know, using Thunder on an Electric-type doesn't work too well. In battle, it's still useless to this day, but, it is the ultimate Poké-pimp. Respect Ditto.

Gen II

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Lanturn Spr 2s 171.png 171.png A disgrace to the Electric-type. Blatantly fraternizing with the enemy (Water-type). And what do we get out of this equation? A garbage Pokémon. Volt Absorb means its one of the few to resist BoltBeam, and in turn, people actually use this thing online! Not me. Never. Still garbage.
Ampharos Spr 2s 181.png 181.png It goes from being a hilarious and lovable sheep to this stupid looking thing. It doesn't even have a funny name. I'm not to sure even Nintendo likes this thing. I don't remember even battling one owned by a rival trainer in Silver...
Marill Spr 2s 183.png 183.png You know, I can't describe why I hate Marill, I just do. I want to punt one like a football. Could be all the hype of "Pikablu", and my natural hatred of Pikachu. It gets worse for me. You see, the Marill family are all sorta tanks, and HATE tanks. Add Pure Power to the mix, and now people online use Azumarill. Jerks.
Hoppip Spr 2s 187.png 187.png Most Flying-types that can't learn Fly are pointless. Add to that Hoppip's weak attack stats, and tons of weaknesses, just make it go away! When it turns into Jumpluff, it becomes fast. That's really annoying given that all Grass-types ever do deal a status ailment, and then die because of all their weaknesses and poor defenses.
Aipom Spr 2s 190.png 190.png People won't like this one, but I just hate Aipom. I think it's stupid, ugly, and in the anime (the one I don't watch), it's very annoying. Gen IV gives us a new evolution! You can view it in my Gen IV hatred. I think you get my point.
Quagsire Spr 2s 195.png 195.png Good type combo + bad stats + Electric-type trainer = I HATE QUAGSIRE. Wooper can go shove it too. As of Gen IV, the only seriously useful Water/Ground Pokémon is Swampert. So, yes, I still hate Quagsire.
Wobbuffet Spr 2s 202.png 202.png Not only is it stupid looking, but, thanks to Shadow Tag, if you encounter one in the wild, you've just lost a team member. During single play, that's really, REALLY annoying. But, online, it downright ticks me off. The fact they threw MORE of them into the wild (notably in Ruin Valley) is really nice (sarcasm). I also like how they gave it a prevo....then banned it. Nice.
Shuckle Spr 2s 213.png 213.png I hate tanks. Seems like Nintendo created him just to annoy me. Honestly, I don't hate Shuckle so much as I hate tanks. That being said, thanks to some new moves like Power Trick, Shuckle can do some pretty cool things.
Blissey Spr 2s 242.png 242.png Blissey is the definition of pain in the ass and will forever be a massive (both figuratively, and literally) blob of hell. Its mere presence is enough to cause some people to fall into deep depression just from the knowledge that their opponent refuses to fight. All Blissey does is waste your time, and ruin the fun. It will forever torment its opponent with apathy as it soaks up any Special based attack, and then just heals it all away. Forever. FOR-E-VER.
Smeargle Spr 2s 235.png 235.png Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Sure, you can have the best move set in the world, but with those stats, lets see you do something with them. It goes from ridiculous to hilarious when online. Sure, use Blast Burn on my Metagross. Ok then. Thanks for doing maybe 60HP damage, prepare for REAL pain now.


Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Wurmple Spr 3r 265.png 265.png Falls into the same category of Weedle up there. New trainer, get poisoned. You also don't know if you get which evo you want until it's too late. Do the opening route Bugs ever become useful? Let's be honest, not really. But given Beautifly was one of the reasons I hated Gen III...
Beautifly Spr 3r 267.png 267.png It's the second coming of Butterfree!! Nice job of being lazy Nintendo. To date, in my opinion, its still the least original Pokémon of them all.
Slaking Spr 3r 289.png 289.png Awesome stats, overused, annoying ability. In the anime, he seems pretty cool, but I don't have the patience in the games to deal with Truant. He and Regigigas have parties together. No one else shows up, because every other party game involves taking a nap.
Nosepass Spr 3r 299.png 299.png I hate tanks, he's incredibly stupid looking, and of course, he's owned by the first gym leader. Gen IV gave him a new evo! You can see it in the next section. Oh dear..
Sableye Spr 3r 302.png 302.png No weakness at all. Thats just downright annoying. At least his crappy stats let us kill him pretty easily anyway. Gen IV gave us Spiritomb. Same concept, only useful. Sableye now watches from the sidelines.
Whiscash Spr 3r 340.png 340.png The return of Quagsire. Only now, it has lots of HP, but still has crappy stats. Gonna be hard to like something that gives earthquakes to Japan for fun.
Milotic Spr 3r 350.png 350.png As an Electric-type trainer, this thing is really annoying. It's Sp. Def should be illigal, and on top of that, maxing Beauty is a pain the arse. I dont hate Milotic as much as I hate fighting Milotic. Now that I battle a lot online, I see more of them. Great.
Dusclops Spr 3r 356.png 356.png Another damn tank...and of course, it's a Ghost so every attack it uses is a status attack. Fun. Another on the list that gets a Gen IV evo, which, again, can be seen below.
Luvdisc Spr 3r 370.png 370.png ARE THEY SERIOUS?!?!
Stupidest Pokémon ever.
There's nothing more to say.
Regirock Spr 3r 377.png 377.png Worst Maybe, it's because they are tanks.
Regice Spr 3r 378.png 378.png legendaries Maybe, it's because they are stupid looking.
Registeel Spr 3r 379.png 379.png ever. Or maybe, it's because they are useless.

Gen IV

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Outlook
Infernape Spr 4d 392.png 392.png First off, it's a monkey, and I hate monkeys. Second, its totally unoriginal. And third, its a totally unoriginal monkey. Given it's the current Gen, and I hate it, there's not much to say. It's useful, but, I ain't using one.
Empoleon Spr 4d 395.png 395.png It's a penguin, but it isn't part Ice-type?? Who thought that up?? People misunderstand me. I'm not saying its bad, or useless, in fact, I used to have one on my Steel-type gym team. The fact it isn't Ice ruins the reverse effective pattern. Fire > Grass > Water > Fire | Fighting > ICE > Ground > Fire (Infernape)
Bidoof Spr 4d 399 m.png 399.png It's not "the most powerful Pokémon ever". Deal with it. Bibarel is a fantastic HM slave, but, that's about it.
Pachirisu Spr 4d 417 m.png 417.png In this day and age, there's no room for crappy non-evolving Pokémon. Some users won't let me hear the end of it. But I don't care. You can use it in contests, I don't care about them. I don't do them.
Gastrodon Spr 4d 423.png 423.png Ok, this one may not be as bad as Quagsire or Whiscash, but it's still stupid. Unlike the other 3 Water/Ground-types, Gastrodon is more special than physical. But, given the new Gen IV split, this is no longer useful. Oops.
Ambipom Spr 4d 424 m.png 424.png They pretty much made Aipom even stupider. Also, can someone tell me why it has udders for hands? A LOT of people like this thing, and I've yet to find out why. Technician can only get you so far; and moreover, it's no Scyther or Scizor. Guess it rolls back to contests or something.
Lopunny Spr 4d 428.png 428.png Are you serious? A Pokémon based off of bunny girls? That's really disturbing.. Fast with decent defenses, it's a good annoyer, I guess, but, why would I like something that's annoying me?
Spiritomb Spr 4d 442.png 442.png No weaknesses, and high defenses. Thanks Nintendo! They've crippled it with no speed, at all, so, it actually takes some strategy to use one. It's also, arguably, one of the best Blissey counters, one of my most hated Pokémon ever. Thusly, I sometimes use Spiritomb myself.
Probopass Spr 4d 476.png 476.png I'm pretty sure that's the absolute stupidest looking Pokémon of them all. Add the new Steel-type and I can thankfully score 4x damage to it and get it out of my face quickly. Heck no. What is there to like about it?
Dusknoir Spr 4d 477.png 477.png Ridiculous defenses, a ton of annoying moves it can use, over-used. Ugh. Once it's done annoying you, it can use its great attack stat to bring the pain. I love Dusknoir.