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Script adaptions of Pokemon Special

If you want to use these please ask.

Chapter one: Glimpse of the Glow

Sign saying: Pallet town (kids try catch Nindorino)

Fishing kid: Do you think you can do it?

Kid: Be quiet. (Throws pokeball, which bounces off) Dang it bounced off. Here goes! I’m going to catch it and make it my pet. (Throws pokeball, which bounces off) What. It bounced off again.

Red: Ha. Ha. Ha. That’s not how you catch a pokemon. You have to weaken first, and then throw the pokeball.

Kid: Okay, then you have a go.

Red: Watch and learn. Poliwhirl I choose you. Poliwhirl use water gun.

(Poliwhirl uses water gun and Nindorino acts weak)

Fishing kid: Wow

Kid: Looks dizzy.

Red: Yup. And now its weak throw the pokeball.

(Red catches Nindorino)

Kid: That was amazing, Red.

Red as narrator: Everyone in Pallet town knows me. If they don’t, they should. After all, I’m the best trainers in these parts! So, what are pokemon do you ask? They are these odd creatures that live anywhere. Yes, anywhere. I found Poliwhirl down my mum’s toilet. I still don’t know how many pokemon live in the region of Kanto (that’s where I live) but we do know about 149. But I do know that I’m going to catch ‘em all.

Fishing kid: Hey Red, do you know Prof. Oak?

Red: The crazy old nut at the town’s edge?

Fishing kid: Yeah that’s the one.

Red: Nah.

Kid: He’s an expert on pokemon.

Red: So?

Fishing kid: Well I thought coz you know so much about pokemon, he told you about pokemon.

Red: Well he didn’t.

Fishing kid: He told his grandson everything he knows.

Kid 1: Yeah. And he trained him.

Red: I don’t care how good he is, I’ll beat him. (Red walks off)

Kid: Where you going?

Red: Face-off against his grandson. What’s his name?

Kid: Blue.

Red: Good.

(Red bumps into ROCKET grunt)

ROCKET grunt: Watch it, ya little maggot.

(Team ROCKET walks off)

Red: Sheesh. Where’d they come from? Hey! (thinks: those are pokeballs. They must be pokemon trainers.)

Rocket grunt: It’s hiding in the grass somewhere – don’t rest ‘til we find it! The phantom pokemon.

Red: The phantom pokemon – never heard of it!

Rocket grunt: To the West side of the forest – come on, let’s go men.

Red: Thanks for telling me. It’s mine.

Sign saying: Western Forest

(Red carries a load of pokeballs)

Red: Good, those men aren’t here yet. Yeah I going to catch the phantom pokemon before they even get here. (Turns round) Whoa. What is that? (see’s Blue and Mew) Urrkk. Dang, some-one to beat me to it.

Blue: Charmander go! (Charmander uses flame-thrower and Mew see’s Charmander)

Red: He’s a trainer, great. (Charmander and Mew throw a couple random moves at each other). Well its good battle, but I will be the one to catch it. What’s the pokemon that he’s facing? It glows so beautifully and just shows pure elegance. Woo! Go Charmander. Kill that flying-cat-thing. (Blue see’s Red)

Blue: Return Charmander. That’s enough. (Blue returns Charmander)

Red: What the--?! What are you doing? You almost had that flying-cat-thing. (Blue stares at Red) Hmm. Fine then my turn. Go Poli. Water gun. (Poliwhirl uses water gun and Mew then flees) Err. It got away. Poli are you ok? (Poli nods and replies in pokemon)

Blue: Do you know why I stopped attacking the pokemon?

Red: No.

Blue: Coz, I knew that it was stronger than Charmander and if I kept on attacking then it would either K.O. Charmander or flee. I learnt that from my granddad.

Red: Prof. Oak?

Blue: Yeah. What’s it to you?

Red: Nothing. Well, bye.

Blue: Bye. (They head in different directions)

Rocket grunt: Hey the fields burnt and wet.

Rocket grunt: Yeah, but that means a pokemon fought here. And it was probably Mew.

Rocket grunt: Let’s go.

Sign saying: Prof. Oak’s lab

Red: So this is the professor’s place. Everyone just told me he was a mean old nut so I tried to stay away from here. If I want to be a master of pokemon, better enter. (rings door bell)

Chapter two: Bulbasaur, come home!

Red: Is anyone in here? (Starts knocking and door opens with Red falling though) Wah. (Red gets up) Huh. It’s empty. (Walks down corridor) I never knew there were so many pokemon here. (See’s one by its self and picks it up) What’s this one? (Reads Bulbasaur) Bulbasaur. Cool it’s got a bulb on its back. (Pokeball shakes) Want to come out? Okay. (Oak walks though door)

Prof. Oak: You! You’re a poke thief! (Red mutters stuff like no and what) (Red trips into a couple of pokeballs which release a Kakuna, a Pidgey, a Caterpie, a Metapod, a Rattata, a Poliwag, a Tentacool, a Weedle and a Meowth) No, No, No! Idiot! Look at what you’ve done.

Red: Sorry I didn’t mean to... (Pidey poo’s on Oak’s head) Yuck.

Oak: Just get them all back here!

Red: Okay!! (Red runs off to get the pokemon)

Sign saying: Later

Red: Uorhr. How many more.

Oak: Please, don’t tell me there’s more.

Red: I’ll get the rest.

Oak: Oh no you don’t you thief

Red: I’m no thief. I’m sorry for just coming in uninvited. But those pokemon need to be found. And I will be the one to get them back.

Oak: It’s way too dark now. (Red runs off and Oak gets on bike) You can’t do it yourself! (Red smiles) Just remember afterword’s I’m turning you in.

Sign saying: Viridian city

Red: (Has a pokeball and see’s a Meowth) Here kitty, kitty. Now! (Catches Meowth) Got it. A load down, 1 to go.

Oak: I would of said I was too old for this if I knew we’d have to go this far out.

Red: So the last Pokémon is Bulbasaur. Hey look old dude, there it is.

Oak: Look It’s heading to the gym. (They enter the gym)

Red: Hey look at this statue.

Oak: Shut up and keep looking. Now where could it of gone? Ha! There you are. Come here little Bulbasaur. (Bulbasaur tackles Oak) Now really I’m your owner.

Red: Don’t worry Saur, can I cool you Saur? (Saur nods) You okay? Coz this your first time outside right? You’ve probably seen nothing but that nut other there. (Points at Oak then Red and Saur hug) Good boy. Are you hungry? Here you go. (Gives Saur some food, then they turn round to see wild Machoke)

Both: AHH!!! A wild Machoke. (Machoke comes close to punching Red but Saur stops his punch with a vine whip)

Red: Hey Prof. what’s Bulbasaur’s best attack? (Prof. unconscious) Jeez, what a time to go to sleep. Wait a minute it’s got a bulb. (Machoke starts attacking again. Red walks into a couple of blinds) Hey Saur try this. (Open blinds and Saur performs solar beam, which KO’s Machoke and wakes up Oak)

Oak: You knew about solar beam?

Red: Nope. I couldn’t see in the dark.

Oak: So your poor sight made Bulbasaur KO that poor Machoke.

Red: Yeah (Oak laughs)

Oak: You can keep Bulbasaur.

Red: Thanks. That’s so cool.

Oak: I think it likes you.

Red: I’m sorry for breaking in to your lab. But I came so you could teach me about pokemon. You see yesterday...

Oak: I see

Red: Huh.

Oak: Do you know what makes a good pokemon trainer? Do you need a bunch of flash tricks and lv. 100 pokemon? Is that what you think makes a great trainer?

Red: If that’s what you think, then you’re sadly mistaken. All you need is in your heart.

Oak: What’s your name kid?

Red: Red.

Oak: Here Red. (Hands Red pokedex) This is a pokedex. It’s a pokemon encyclopaedia. By the time you complete this, you will have become one of the world’s best trainers.

Red: Thanks.

Chapter three: The Secret of Kangaskhan

Oak: Red If you want to fill the pokedex you can’t stay in pallet town. You need to travel to a lot of wonderful places. If you ask me you should go to Viridian forest. It’s just north of here and I’ll guarantee that you will see a lot of new pokemon. Besides that’s where... Oh never mind.

Sign saying: Viridian Forest

Red: Darn, I was in such a hurry I forgot to buy any more pokeballs. (Releases pokemon) Hey guys, do you wander what kind of pokemon we will meet? Doesn’t matter, coz with you guy’s on my team I’m gonna catch ‘em all and be the best that I can be. Let’s go. (Scene cuts to show blue releasing Charmander and attacks something)

Blue: Owll. It’s just a Venamoth. Already got one. (Opens pokedex to show Venamoth’s info) Shame that was Charmander’s last flame wheel. I’ll go to the pokemon centre later. But for now where is that dang pokemon. (Scene cut’s to show red)

Red: Stupid Catapie. Where did it go? (Poliwhirl run’s into the bushes and a hitting noise comes from the bushes) Did you get it Poli? What. (Poli’s fainted on the floor)

Blue: Don’t take it personally. I thought it was wild.

Red: You did this to Poli. Your pay. I challenge you to a two on two battles. I’ve already lost one pokemon.

Blue: Okay.

Red: Wait; you’re Oak’s grandson aren’t you?

Blue: Yeah. (Sniggers)

Red: Saur, go. Solar beam. (Saur is released and uses solar beam which KO’s Charmander)

Blue: You’re pretty good.

Red: Thanks.

Blue: Scyther go. Use cut. (Scyther gets released uses cut which misses)

Red: Missed.

Blue: Fly (Scyther uses fly and then Bulbasaur looks weak)

Red: Razor leaf. (Saur uses razor leaf which KO’s Scyther)

Blue: Good match.

Red: Thanks. (Thud) What’s that?

Blue: It’s here. (A Kangaskhan appears)

Red: Waa!

Blue: I’ve been waiting Kangaskhan. You’ve been testing my patients by hiding for so long. Charmander eat this revive. (Charmander takes the revive and revives) Flame wheel. Once I win I’ll record its data in... (Blue draws out his pokedex)

Red: Hey that’s a pokedex.

Blue: My grandpa told me he had given a pokedex to someone else. And it was you. What’s your name?

Red: Red. What’s yours?

Blue: Blue. Wanna exchange info later?

Red: OK. But first stop that pokemon.

Blue: Pokeball! (Blue throws a pokeball that gets deflected by Kangaskhan) Pokeball! (Blue throws a pokeball that gets deflected by Kangaskhan) The attacks are not enough.

Red: Stop and Look at its pouch! (They look at the pouch and see a baby Kangaskhan)

Blue: Charmander stop! (Charmander stop’s attacking and Blue and Red rush to the Kangaskhan’s aid) Sorry. Did I hurt your baby?

Red: Look it’s been attacked by a poison pokemon. (Give’s it antidote) There you go you’ll feel better now.

Blue: Bye Kangaskhan.

Red: Bye Kangaskhan.

Blue: Well, Red thanks for getting me outta trouble. If you need to heal Poli then there’s a pokemon centre in the next town. Bye Red.

Red: Bye Blue.

Lunick v sonela's review of Pokemon Special

Mangafox & Serebii heled my reviews.

Red, Green and Blue


Would of been perfect if it was just two volumes longer. It has a nice introduction to pokemon. Anime haters will love this. The main characters are good, a part from Green (boy). He just was too boring, too cocky, selfish little, and didn't care when Red saved him, why do girls swoon over him. Also some minor characters lacked devolment (like Misty). It had a good plot, with arcs within arcs. Basicly good but short. Lunick v sonela 18:19, 1 October 2009 (UTC)



Good, Bill's part was good but other than that it was boring. Don't get me wrong it had could of been great with violence, characters returns, a great plot. But why'd Yellow hide her true gender? I was kinda waiting for it to end. The elite four as villains was a great idea. But Red and Pika, what was the point of them even appearing. Pika was only really there to give Red's Pikachu a cross-canon counterpart. All I can say is three star (no real disciption). Lunick v sonela 18:19, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Gold, Silver and Crystal


With a mix of comedy, storyline and amazing chacters. I loved it. No faults. I liked the way the copied Red's game team, but he's got a Lapras in HGSS. The Mask of ice is an billiant bad guy although he seemed more like an anti-hero. Gym leaders parts were good. Explained why the legendry birds were missing and Mewtwo. Wrote in nearly every minor and major aspect of the games. Amazing and a must read. Lunick v sonela 18:58, 1 October 2009 (UTC)

Ruby and Sapphire


My least fave chapter. Good plot at first. No league though (starts a habit). Then to fans it suddenly becomes a love story for 6 pages. Yawn. I hated the deaths at the end. I liked the characters though. Nice team, but Sapphire's team leved up oddly. And Ruby was a bit off. Thats all I have to say. Lunick v sonela 08:22, 6 October 2009 (UTC)

Fire Red, Leaf Green and Water Blue


I had pretty much the same idea as the fourth one here. Good plot. Same characters though. No mini arc. All nice. I hated the Sevii pointless islands. Just skip to the next chapter, you'll figure out what happend. Lunick v sonela 08:22, 6 October 2009 (UTC)



Again comic powers, good plot and great villians triamp over all. Emerald and Todd were very good characters and so were the brains and the ten main characters all together (personly I gotta ship Todd and Lucy). Archie was very good at being a baddy. I loved this chapter. Ties everything up into a ball then rolls it off some cliff into the ocean. Very good, bravo. Lunick v sonela 08:22, 6 October 2009 (UTC)

Diamond and Pearl


Again a love story, but this is one sided and lasts alot longer. I have to say good. Lack of villians makes it start like the animé, but then, boom. It get's better. Hardly any legendy appearences though, but all in all Great chapter. Lunick v sonela 08:22, 6 October 2009 (UTC)