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{| class="userboxitem" style="background: #eee; border: 1px solid #aaa; {{#switch:{{{moz|yes}}}|yes={{roundy|60px}}|no=}}" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"
! style="background: #fff; {{#switch:{{{moz|yes}}}|yes={{roundy|60px}}|no=}}" | [[File:Atari2600logo.png|50px]]
| style="color: #000000;" | This user owns an '''[[wp:Atari 2600|Atari 2600]]'''. <noinclude>
How to use this code: <nowiki>{{User 2600}}</nowiki></noinclude><includeonly>[[Category:Users who own an Atari 2600|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>
[[Category:Video Game tags]]

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