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ター Ter
Pretty accurate, actually.
Age Old
Gender Gremlin
Eye color Glasses
Hair color Brownish-brown
Hometown Los Angeles
Region US of A
Relatives Yep
Trainer class Trainer

I am not a cool or funny pineapple.

I mostly go through and correct any grammar/spelling errors I see. Yay.

Also if you want to contact me about non Wiki-related stuff (including Pokemon-related stuff, if it's not related to Bulbapedia it generally shouldn't be on my talk page), you probably ought to do so through these methods:

  • Email and MSN: [email protected] I'm usually on MSN whenever I'm on my computer, which is often, so you'll have a pretty good chance of catching me on there. I check my email at least once daily, so no worries about not getting a reply for ages, either.
  • YIM and AIM: [email protected] I rarely, rarely, very rarely use these, only if someone actually asks me to. So if for whatever reason, you want/need to talk to me on either of these services, let me know some other way.
  • DeviantArt: I check DA at least once a day (usually several times a day, actually), so if you send me a note or comment on my page, you can be sure I'll get it within 24 hours.
  • Gaia Online: Lucentas Same as DA. I'm such a nerd.

WiFi Contact Info

I'm always up for a WiFi trade or battle. My friend code is 3909 4002 2610 (I have Diamond, FYI.)

Note: I'm at school until April, and I don't know if I'll be able to get on WiFi through the school's network, so I may not be able to access any WiFi activities until I get home.

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About My Pokemon Fandom

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I do not take competitive battling seriously at all. I do not have an all-level-100 team with perfect movesets and items to match some crazy strategy I made up that will pwn you in five seconds. So if you want that kind of battling, move on, nothing more to see here. However, I do enjoy battling as a casual pastime and will be happy to battle you for fun. Although my core team is in their 60's-70's, I have other second-string Pokemon in their 30's-50's, so if you're not very far in the game and don't want your team ripped apart by my Hall of Famers, just let me know what level range you'd like to battle against.

Also, as I epically fail at battling strategy of any kind, please don't come to me with questions about teams, strategies, movesets, etc. (including rate-my-team kinda things). I'm sure there are plenty of other people on here that are awesome battle strategists that can help you with that sort of thing.


I'd be happy (positively tickled pink, even) to help you complete your Pokedex or get that one Pokemon you've been looking for by trading, either to evolve or for keeps. And before you ask, no, payment of any kind isn't necessary. I just like to help people.

I have indeed completed my National Pokedex, and as such have access to every breedable Pokemon, so if there's one you're looking for, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I also visit the Underground quite often, so I have very many Underground items, including:

- Evolutionary stones (Fire, Thunder, Leaf, Water, Sun)
- Heart Scales
- Fossils (including Old Amber, everything except Armor and Root Fossils)
- Lots more that would be a pain to list here

I have many, many of these, so feel free to ask for them, or ask me if I have/how much I have of anything that wasn't listed here.

Voice Chat

I won't be pushy about voice chat, I respect others' privacy as much as I'd like them to respect mine. If we do end up voice chatting, that's fine. However, please refrain from rude or vulgar language during our chat. I enjoy civilized conversation.

My Life With Pokemon: The Biography of a Fandom

Generation I

I first got into Pokemon when it first came out in the US and I started seeing ads for it in magazines and on TV. (Anyone remember that one where the kid is sucking up Pokemon with a vacuum cleaner? Pure genius.) At first I was a little apprehensive of it because I had also seen the news stories about the Electric Soldier Porygon incident (and of course if I expressed any interest in it I felt like my family would disown me or something). But then I happened to play Blue Version at a neighbor's house, and I was HOOKED. I was totally bummed when she moved away, but the depression was temporary, as I received a brand new Game Boy Color and a Blue Version of my own for my birthday shortly afterward. (I still have both, and they still work! I take good care of my vintage electronics.)

I had a blast with my new found obsession; my cousin was into Pokemon as well and he did cool stuff like trade me a Mew and show me the workings of the Missingno. glitch. We also got into the TCG (back when Jungle had just come out...I feel old now) and I got my hands on a few chapters of Electric Tale of Pikachu (back when Viz was still publishing them as separate chapters).

Also, someone (might have been my cousin again) tipped me off to the existence of a Pokemon cartoon, which I immediately set out trying to find on TV. The first episode I saw was A Chansey Operation in what was probably its original airing (again, I feel very old). Yes, I did see Mewtwo Strikes Back in the theatre, although The Power of One was relegated to a Christmas present (and to be honest, I haven't actually made a conscious effort to see any Pokemon movie since).

My cousin and I also joined our local Pokemon League at Toys 'R' Us. (The Gym Leader was this awesome, very funny guy whose favorite character was Brock--might any of you remember him?) I played a few variations on a Psychic deck before settling on a Psychic Haymaker with a side emphasis on Energy manipulation (of both my own and the opponent's Energy), using promo Mewtwos as my main attackers.

I also got an N64 just so I could buy Pokemon Snap when it came out (I think my parents spoiled me a lot when I was younger...). I also made a point of buying Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Puzzle League, and yes, even Hey You! Pikachu (although the neighbor's dog ate the mic, effectively ending my enjoyment of that game). Of course, I had plenty of other Pokemon merch up the wazoo (toys, clothes, bath towels, if it had Pokemon on it I just HAD to have it). Does anyone else remember the original Nintendo Power Red and Blue strategy guide with the Pokemon stickers in the back that you were supposed to stick on each Pokemon's 'Dex entry as you caught it? I think I just used them for decorating binders and stuff.

Generation II

Of course, it wasn't long until the first rumours of new Pokemon (and the games to go with them) came leaking from Japan through magazines like Beckett's and Pojo's. Naturally, I was intrigued by the concept of 100 all-new Pokemon. (To this day, my favorite Unown form is U because it's the first one I ever saw, in an issue of Beckett's where they leaked sprites of all of the Gen II Pokemon and Unown was represented by its U form; at that time most people weren't aware that Unown had different forms and I thought its U form was pretty much the most unusual design for a Pokemon-or for anything, for that matter-that I had ever seen.)

As more and more information came out as the games were released in Japan, I became more and more excited for them. My dad even got me an unofficial guide to the Japanese versions of Gold and Silver (and thus I became more familiar with the Japanese names of the towns, characters, and Pokemon than with their English equivalents, and to this day sometimes I can remember a Japanese Gen II name before I can recall the English one). He also somehow managed to find me a few Japanese Neo booster packs, and my pride and joy, a Japanese holographic Lugia card (Lugia being my favorite Gen II Pokemon--still is). In fact, for a while my League deck centered around my Lugia (having previously learned the translation of the attack text).

When Gold and Silver finally came out, there was much jubilation and rejoicing, and I spent many happy hours playing my copy of Silver and helping my sister with her Gold, as I finally got to explore the land I had previously read so much about. Crystal was just the icing on the cake (I still remember standing in line to buy it with my mom and our League's Gym Leader; he was talking about how enthused he was that Pokemon finally had a female protagonist because he thought girls needed more positive representations in video games).

It was also during this time that I stopped watching the show, both because the Johto season was boring, repetitive, and full of fillers, and because the timeslot moved and I just couldn't be bothered to find it again. Another big development during this era was the fact that I started drawing Pokemon and Pokemon characters, which led to my love of drawing in general. To this day, Gen II remains my favorite generation, both because of the innate quality the games exuded and because of my many happy memories during its time. (If only the games' save batteries hadn't run out...sigh...)

Generation III

Of course, that initial Pokemon craze faded, and with that and several other factors (including but not limited to high school and getting into anime in general), my Pokemon obsession subtly slipped into the background. It probably didn't help that my local League finally disbanded ('twas a sad, sad day), and I no longer attempted to catch up with the TCG around the time of the release of the first e-Reader cards (just didn't have the money any more...)

When I learned about the release of Ruby and Sapphire, I decided to try to avoid spoilers as much as possible until I could get the game--which actually ended up being detrimental to my experience because I was thrust into a world that I had no emotional connection to. Despite that, I did enjoy Sapphire, and made a point of getting FireRed and Emerald when they came out. I had plenty of fun with those games, but nowhere near the level of enjoyment I had when Pokemon was bigger.

Generation IV

I casually pursued my Pokemon interests during the DS's early days (buying Dash and Trozei, although I didn't get around to Ranger until after I had bought Diamond, because I wanted that Manaphy egg), but I didn't become genuinely interested in Diamond/Pearl until I began learning about their North American release, and I gradually became more intrigued by the games (especially the return of the day/night feature, something I missed from GSC). Since for some reason I decided I could blow some cash, I pre-ordered Diamond. (Funny story--I actually thought Palkia's design was cooler than Dialga's, but I couldn't remember which one was going to be on the cover of which, so when the guy asked me which version I wanted, I blurted out "Diamond", which turned out to be a better choice anyway because blue is my favorite color and I'm not too fond of pink! Of course, I love my Dialga.)

Although I still didn't have access to the same kind of social interaction as in the days of Gen II, Diamond was still an extremely fun game and I appreciated all of its developments and improvements on past games. Once I had beaten Cynthia, I decided on a new goal: completing my Pokedex. This was an easier task for me than most, due to the fact that I had every Gen III game except for Ruby (and, of course, the wonders of WiFi and the GameFAQs trade board), but it still took me a while (since I did have some semblance of a life).

I finally technically completed my National Dex in July 2008, and currently the only Pokemon I don't have registered in my Dex is Arceus (I'm waiting for it to be released/distributed here, I don't want to go the easy route and trade for a hacked one). As for my fandom outside of the games, it's pretty much nonexistent by now, although I do sketch the occasional comic. All of my old books and cards are currently sitting in my best friend's closet (although I hope she hasn't tossed them).

My Current Lineup

Here's my current list of Pokemon that I use for battling, both so you know what you're going up against if you choose to battle me (like I'm really all that hard to beat), and because, like any good crazy grandma, I just love showing off my babies. (Listed in National Dex Order.) Also note that, although these are divided up into "teams" of six Pokemon each, they in no way reflect their actual team organization (usually I just pick and choose according to what I need, or go in order of how they're placed in my box, which is random). Additionally, I was hopelessly obsessed with mecha anime during Gen III, which will hopefully explain the rather odd names for most of my Sapphire, FireRed, and Emerald Pokemon, although I will mention which series the name originated from.

Lv. 80
Lv. 66
Lv. 65
Lv. 58
Lv. 44
  • Schubert is my starter from FireRed, chosen in honor of the Squirtle I picked in my original Blue Version all those years ago. He was originally named after my boyfriend, but after we went our separate ways I renamed him with a random German name I thought sounded funny/awesome (before I Pal Parked him to Diamond, thankfully).
  • Ryouma is also a FireRed veteran, named after a character from the Getter Robo anime series. He holds the distinction of being my first and only Pokemon to naturally catch the Pokerus, which I managed to spread to a few other Pokemon before he got over it (although they got over it too, before I could do something smart like infect ALL of my first-stringers). I call him Ryou for short.
  • Gendou's name was another result of my mecha anime fandom during the time I played FireRed, being named after that insanely creepy dude from Neon Genesis Evangelion (no, there was no rhyme nor reason to why I gave the Pokemon the character names that I did, I just randomly picked names that were at least the same gender as the caught Pokemon). Obviously, as he knows Hypnosis, he's one of my main Pokemon-catching devices.
  • For some reason I never got around to naming my Hitmonchan after I received it from the Dojo in FireRed; unfortunately, I Pal Parked him before I could give him a cool nickname. I picked him because of my desire to own a Hitmonchan that knew all of the elemental punches--this came to be more useful in Diamond, where the punches rely on his Attack rather than Sp. Attack.
  • Basara was my Emerald starter, named after the crazy hippie lead guitarist for the band Fire Bomber in the obscure anime Macross 7. Coincidentally, three of my other Emerald Champion-beaters were named after the other three members of the band as well (more on them later). I chose Torchic in Emerald after witnessing the pure awesome that is Blaziken (although I still liek Mudkips).
  • Bernie was my Sapphire starter; I didn't know much about the Hoenn starters or their evolutions, so I picked Mudkip because I thought it was the cutest (and to go along with my unofficial tradition of choosing the Water starter at least once per generation in honor of my Squirtle in Blue). Anyway, he's named after the tragic hero of the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 OVA. As a throwback, I also chose Mudkip as my partner Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and named him Bernie.
Lv. 53
Lv. 59
Lv. 57
Lv. 42
  • Valcione is one of my Sapphire veterans, and quite possibly the first Sapphire Pokemon I caught (aside from Bernie the Mudkip, who was my starter). Due to her Thief, she's my main item harvester. She was named after an original mech from the Super Robot Wars video game series. (Interestingly, that's also the name of my Maple Story character that I don't actually play any more.)
  • Mylene, one of my Emerald vets, was named after the pink-haired female singer from Fire Bomber, the fictional band starring in the anime Macross 7.
  • Ray is another one of my Emerald vets, named after the free-spirited bassist of Fire Bomber. He's one of my main transportation devices.
  • Veffida is the final member of my Emerald vets that was named after a member of Fire Bomber, her namesake being my favorite member, the stoic Zentradi drummer. I call her Veffi for short.
  • Pal Parked from Sapphire, yes, Qui-Gon is named after the guy who died in Star Wars: Episode I. Why? Because he was awesome.
  • Shinji is named after the main character from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I may have consciously named him this because the show is so inherently creepy, although he wasn't so creepy when he was a Shuppet. But even though he now looks like something out of a disturbed nightmare, he's still my Pokemon pal.
Lv. 76
Lv. 65
Lv. 57
  • Hariken is my Kyogre from Sapphire. I just named him after the romanization of the Japanese spelling of "hurricane". (Yes, even though he doesn't officially have a gender, I think of him as a male.)
  • Quazar is the Rayquaza I caught from Sapphire (I never really bothered to catch any legendaries in Emerald, I was more interested in the Battle Frontier). I named him after astronomical quazars (being a huge science buff), and as a derivative of his species name.
  • I got my Deoxys from the June 2008 GameStop giveaway (after finding out that the closest GameStop to me wasn't giving them away, I had to wait until next week to get one from another one--thankfully, I live in a town that has three GameStops; I guess living in the city has its perks). I keep him in his Speed form because I think it looks the coolest. Also, if he hadn't been traded into my game, I totally would have named him JENOVA (think about it, the qualities are eerily similar: alien life form, fell from space, virus-like entity...).
  • Cephala is my Diamond starter (yes, I was lucky enough to get a female). Her name is a feminine derivative of the Greek "cephas", meaning stone.
  • Menefr is my Luxray that I caught as a Shinx early on in my Diamond adventure. Her name is an ancient Egyptian name that I chose because she reminded me of one of my original characters also named Menefr, an anthro panther. I call her Mene for short.
  • I caught Neptune early on in my game as well because I thought Shellos was cute, and when he evolved I thought he was even cooler because sea slugs are awesome. I named him after the Roman god of the sea because...well...he's a Water-type. It was obvious.
Lv. 48
Lv. 50
  • I caught Mimzy as a Buneary in Eterna Forest--I obviously named her after the movie The Last Mimzy, which was in theatres at the time. I've never seen the movie, she just reminded me of it. And it was a cute name.
  • I caught Xenos as a Bronzor in Wayward Cave because it looked unusual and cool. I still appreciate its cool design as a Bronzong. (And its cry sounds awesome.) I named it after the Greek prefix xeno-, indicating the unknown (as per its mysterious origins).
  • Yay Lucario! Everybody loves Lucario. I got Ra as an egg from Riley and named him after the Egyptian sun god (pretty standard, but I wanted something that sounded powerful).
  • I was lazy and just named Uxie its species name in lowercase (all-caps names irk me, and I thought their species names were pretty cool already). (I did the same thing to the other two legendary sprites.)
  • After several failed attempts to catch Mesprit the NORMAL way, I just Master Balled it. I'm so impatient. I like Mesprit because of her INSANE Sp. Attack--she's easily taken out Poison-types in their 40's with just one Confusion. Genius.
  • Azelf is blue. Yay.
  • {{{M1P6}}}
  • {{{M2P6}}}
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  • {{{M4P6}}}
  • I caught Belopheron over the course of the storyline at Spear Pillar--ironically, before I actually got Diamond, I liked Palkia better, but when I inadvertently pre-ordered Diamond, forgetting which Pokemon was featured in which game, I ended up liking Dialga better (possibly because it's blue, and as I've previously established I'm a big fan of blue). His name is an alteration of the mythical Greek name Belpheron (this was an accident as I had forgotten how to pronounce/spell the name when I named him, but it ended up being cool after all). Additionally, his name was supposed to have two L's (Bellopheron), but I only had room for one. He was amazingly awesome to use in Pokemon Battle Revolution during my brief rental stint with it (not the least because it was so cool to see him tower over my avatar, hehe).
  • I caught Sephiroth in Turnback Cave (which I somehow got through). Giratina is one of my favorite Pokemon simply by virtue of being so reviled by most Pokemon fans because of its "creepy" and "monstrous" appearance--I think he just needs a friend. I named him Sephiroth because I have a rather close connection with the so-named Final Fantasy VII character (it's a long story), who also just needed a friend. (Also, it was a legitimate excuse to squeal "Sephy!!!" when sending him into battle.) I call him Sephy or Seph for short (the same nicknames I give the real Sephiroth). Despite his imposing demeanor, he still manages to get Intimidated by level 6 Shinxes. Silly guy.
  • After chasing after Lunatea for some time, I finally just gave in and Master Balled her (I love WiFi). I wanted a cool moon-based name for her, and I finally settled on a character from a Klonoa game that I've never played, but I remember the name after all this time.
  • I got Darkrai from the Toys 'R' Us giveaway event in May. If he weren't traded in, I would have loved to have named him Sephiroth (due to his white "hair" and green eyes), but I ended up naming my Giratina after Seph anyway so it's all good.