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'''Favourite Pokémon'''
Under Construction
{{User Favourite|385|Jirachi}}
{{User 2nd Favorite|418|Buizel}}
'''Favourite Food'''
{{User Food|Chinese}}
{{User Food|Sushi}}
{{User Shiny|169|Crobat|Poison|Flying}}
'''Personal Stuff'''
{{User GMT}}
{{User Male}}
{{User Catholic}}
{{User Alltypes}}
{{User Read Unown}}
{{User Likes Blue}}
{{User GSDS}}
{{User All Generations}}
{{User Mudkip}}
{{User Candy|385}}
{{User Glasses}}
{{User Doll Collector}}
{{User Pet|Cat}}
{{User Grade|8}}
{{User Birthday|October 2nd and was born in 1995}}
{{User Fakemon}}
{{User YouTube Account|SSBBLucario and ClubPenguinKingdomUK}}

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