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I've beaten Cynthia and now I got the national pokedex!

I love pokemon a whole lot, and even though the new Pokemon Gold and Silver remake's are coming out next year, I'm still really REALLY exited!

Anyway... I have four favourite pokemon, and they are the 'Pikachu's' of the regions Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh! (I don't classify Pichu By the way)

They are: Pikachu, Plusle, Minun and Pachirisu!

I have many other favourite's but these are my four 'main' favourites, If you know what I mean...!

These are the games I have. Some of the ones I bought are fake copies of real games, like my pokemon emerald. Fake games will be BOLD. Real games will be normal writing like this.

Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon LeafGreen, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and... Pokemon Platinum!

I want to get SoulSilver when It comes out in the UK! You may not have noticed, but I prefer the 2nd and 3rd versions of games!