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・Member since June 7th, 2007.


AIM: LittleLazyLime

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This is the user page for the Bulbapedia member known as Lime. She has a lot of Pokémon video games. She is rather friendly and eager to trade/battle, so if you have Pokémon Diamond or Pearl, feel free to add her code to your Pal Pad! Just be sure to tell her about it on her talk page so that she'll be able to add you back.


Brittany, known as Lime on many Internet communities, is a cheerful 15 year-old girl that has been a fan of Pokémon since Generation I. After taking a break from it for a year or two, she is slowly getting back into the Pokémon obsession she had as a child. She is currently playing Pokémon Diamond, while playing LeafGreen and Ruby on the side. At the moment, she is very interested in Pokémon shippings, and she may become a shipper if she finds a pairing she likes.

She also likes to update her page frequently, as one may be able to tell.


Most of her contributions to Bulbapedia consist of edits that fix the grammar of a sentence or two. It's basically the only thing she can help out with, but she tries her best to aid Bulbapedia.

Pages Started

She has started the following pages:

  • Category:Condition tags

Usertag Templates

Personality (According to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)

While she has yet to play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Lime loves to take the personality quiz on its website. She gets varying results; she usually gets Charmander (brave), and Pikachu (hardy) is the second most frequent result, as well as her very first. She used to get Torchic (sassy) a lot as well, though she tends to get either Squirtle (relaxed) or Skitty (hasty) more often nowadays. She has also gotten Chikorita (docile), Bulbasaur (calm), Cubone (impish), Eevee (naive) and Totodile (jolly) at least once or twice.

As a Trainer

Y'know what? For this section, I'm just going to skip the third person. I do not exclusively train a certain type, nor does my usual team have any sort of theme. I just use Pokémon that are either my favorites or can help me do a certain task that'll be useful for what I'm currently doing in the game. If I were to become a trainer that exclusively uses one type, however, my pick would be Grass.

When I'm not training or looking for new little critters to catch, I like making Poffins, planting and watering Berries and exploring The Underground. While doing the latter, I find lots of items, so if you have any requests on what you want, feel free to ask me. I have found lots of shards and a few evolutionary stones, so I may have what you're looking for!

Pokémon She Breeds

I am also a part-time Pokémon Breeder. The current list of the Pokémon I can give you via breeding is:

... As well as quite a few I have most likely forgotten. If you want one of these Pokémon, please ask for one in my Discussion page, where we can arrange when our trade will take place and what Pokémon you'll trade for it. Please also say whether you would like it to be hatched or not!

Also, would any of you Pearl players out there like a Cranidos for your collection? How about two? ... Or three? ... Or 100? Seriously, I get Skull Fossils all the time in The Underground, and I don't want all of them. The last time I checked, I had 10 of the little guys. I want a Pearl exclusive or two!

Pokémon Teams

Only Generation III and Generation IV games shall be listed, as she has either misplaced some of her older games or just doesn't play them much anymore.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Wanted Pokémon

Coming soon.

In Other Fandoms

While this specimen is a Pokémon fan, she frequents other fandoms as well. Okay, to be honest, she's not really active in many fandoms (including Pokémon) when it comes to making fanart and fanfiction and talking to fellow fans, but she considers herself a part of them anyway. Some of them include:

Video Games

  • Clock Tower - The survival horror series that almost no one has heard of. This is currently her main fandom, the one she is most active in. She has made a quiz on Quizilla for it (and has ideas for a few more), is working on *two* fangames (one of which she's only programming, as it's her friend's idea and she's doing all of the art and plot, and the other she's doing pretty much the opposite, with someone drawing and her doing everything else; the former is currently on hiatus), and is even in some fanart. No, she didn't draw it. One of her friends paired her with a character she doesn't like that much and drew awesome fanart with her paired with him. If the pairing had a shipping name like the ones in the Pokémon fandom do, it'd either be WryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyShipping or OhGodShipping, as those are two phrases commonly said by her when it's brought up, as well as in the pictures themselves. (On a totally different yet still related note, the person who drew the fanart has a nice picture of Roark, Volkner and Aaron she drew for her sister on the fanart section of her website, under New → Nintendo. The aforementioned fanart that our specimen is in isn't on the website though, much to her relief. ... Oh, and there's some NSFW pictures on that site, so watch out.)
  • The Legend of Zelda - Her second favorite video game series, right behind Clock Tower and right in front of Pokémon. The only real thing in this fandom she has done is maintain a (now severely inactive) LiveJournal account used to spork LoZ Mary Sue fics.
  • Any Mario game - While she's not a mega big fan of Super Mario Bros. and the many related series, she still finds them fun and addicting. Has never been active in this fandom.
  • Kingdom Hearts - She doesn't play the games much (though she does like them), nor is active in the fandom at all. She just likes watching its fandom because of all the wankage it has.

Anime & Manga

  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Currently her favorite anime and manga. Was her main fandom until she got into Clock Tower.
  • Elfen Lied - Her second favorite anime (she still needs to read the manga). Has done nothing in this fandom.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew - Another anime and manga she likes. Used to be active on a forum for this series up until recently, but she still visits it every once in a while. Otherwise not very active in this fandom.

Other Cartoons and TV Shows

  • Futurama - Currently her favorite TV show. The endings of the episodes Jurassic Bark and Luck of the Fryish can make her wail every time, especially the former. She isn't active in the fandom at all.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Another favorite show of hers. Unfortunately she has never watched it on television, but thank goodness for YouTube. She isn't active in the fandom at all.

And others that she has forgotten at the moment.


Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!
Get your own at PokePlushies!

(I hope Optimus35 doesn't mind me using his adoptable to help me put mine on my profile!)


Find out what Pokémon you are at The Cave of Dragonflies!

(Huh... I got Butterfree the last time I took this.)


Normal-types like to go with the average. If forced to choose between two extremes, though, they will usually follow their hearts rather than going out their way to be logical.

My type is Normal!

You are a:

   * 15% Gamer. You have little interest in Pokémon gaming.
   * 30% Animé-freak. You have some interest in the Pokémon animé.
   * 30% Pokémon Know-it-all. You have some interest in researching Pokémon.
   * 25% Obsessed. Pokémon is a definite part of your life.
   * 5% Fan Worker. You have little interest in Pokémon fanwork.
   * 21% Pokémon Fan. You have some interest in Pokémon.

Do YOU fit the stereotypes?

Gamers are interested in Pokémon video game strategies over everything else Pokémon. Some of them use online Pokémon battle simulators to battle each other. They hang around the video game discussions, the team rating sections and online battling sections of forums.

Animé-freaks like watching the Pokémon animé and movies and often like to theorize about romantic relations between characters. They are usually interested in other animé as well, tend to use Japanese slang such as 'kawaii' and generally like to use ^_^ and similar text smilies. They hang around in the Pokémon Animé, Other Animé and Shippers sections of forums.

Pokémon Know-it-alls usually play the games, but more for love of studying them than the battling. They enjoy learning everything about the 493 creatures in their free time and correcting various information they come across online. At forums, you'll find them in the game sections, General Pokémon Discussion and all sorts of trivia wherever it is to be found.

Obsessed people are those people who live and breathe Pokémon. They basically think about Pokémon, talk about Pokémon, let their lives revolve around Pokémon, and often appear slightly crazy to the naked eye. They like to poke around in General Pokémon Discussion, but can pretty much hang out anywhere as long as it has to do with Pokémon.

Fan Workers are the spriters, writers and artists. They often like Pokémon for how open-ended it is in most aspects and offers for the imagination to take flight, rather than for the official information. They tend to be in the older group of fans, and like to stick mostly to the Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Poetry, Sprites, etc. sections of the forums they go to. They also often register at more than one forum to get more comments and criticism on their work.

The Pokémon Fan Test

User:Count Caterpie/Userbox/CCUP agent


  • She once tormented one of her best friends with a Wailord plush at an anime convention. She had loads of fun doing so.
  • She loves giving nicknames to the Pokémon she catches. Most of them are named after characters in other fandoms she inhabits.
  • Her first Pokémon game was Pokémon Yellow, which was most likely the reason she liked Pikachu so much when she was younger.
  • Her favorite type is Grass, though many of her favorite Pokémon are Fire, Water, Ground and Bug types.
  • On the night of October 8th, 2007, she got a Drapion that was affected by the PokéRus. The very same night, she also saw a shiny Mr. Mime, which, unfortunately, fainted. Her heart is broken because of this.
  • Then, on February 8th, 2008, she got a shiny Grotle from a friend, who had gotten it on GTS as a Turtwig.
  • She got her Manaphy from the Toys 'R Us event and her (legit!) Jirachi from her friend Jimmy31428.
  • A dog she used to have chewed on and broke her microphone for Hey You, Pikachu!.
  • She usually gets the "hero" games (Gold, Ruby, Diamond), while her younger brother gets the "rival" (Silver, Sapphire, Pearl) games. The only exception so far is with Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, in which she got LeafGreen and her brother got FireRed. (This is because her favorite color is green.)
  • Her Crystal and her brother's Sapphire have been misplaced. (In fact, she forgot her brother even had Sapphire.)
  • This user has made a few usertags. (She's happy that others are using them!)