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This is my Picture Page with my favourite Pictures.

Zorua M13.png Zoroark M13.png Mew M01.png Ash Buizel Counter Shield.png Dawn Piplup Bubble Beam.png Buneary Pachirisu Combo.png SkyAttack Peck Combination.png Quadruple Combination.png Ash Noctowl sparkling.png Paul Gastrodon Counter Shield.png Fantina Drifblim Counter Shield.png Ash Monferno Counter Shield.png Ash Pikachu Counter Shield.png Flame Ice combo.png BW ED 02.png Ash Oshawott Razor Shell.png BW PGL artwork.png Wallace Milotic Aqua Ring.png May Rose.png Turtwig Drums.png Wartortle Foamy Seal.png May Wartortle Aqua Tail.png Dawn Pachirisu Sweet Kiss.png HGSS Walking Pokémon.png DP172.png Ambipom Heart Seal.png Ash Unova Team.png Cilan Pansage SolarBeam.png Ash and Pikachu.png Iris Axew debut.png Ash Oshawott.png Kenny Prinplup Mist.png BW002.png May Glaceon Mirror Coat.png Kenny Prinplup Mist effect.png Chili Pansear Fire Punch.png Cress Panpour Mud Sport.png Dewott Razor Shell.png Fennel Musharna.png Servine Leaf Blade.png Dewott Water Gun.png Bianca Minccino Attract.png Lila Delcatty Sing.png Nando Budew Mega Drain.png Bianca Pignite Heat Crash.png Trip Servine Leaf Tornado.png Lake Guardians Protect.png Tobias Latios Luster Purge.png Maylene Lucario Aura Sphere.png Zoey Lumineon Aqua Ring.png Manaphy Heart Swap.png Masquerain Icy Wind.png Elisa Meganium Sweet Scent.png Nurse Joy Meganium Aromatherapy.png Ursula Plusle Minun Helping Hand.png Ash Pidove Gust.png Dawn Piplup Whirlpool.png Shaymin Energy Ball.png Trip Snivy Leaf Tornado.png Dawn Togekiss Air Slash.png Dawn Togekiss Aura Sphere.png Ursula Plusle Minun Spark.png Aurora.png Dustox Flower Field.png Dustox anime.png Zoey Finneon Waterfall glowing.png Paul Froslass Ice Shard.png Dawn and Mesprit.png Ash and Azelf.png Brock and Uxie.png Ash Dawn Brock and Lake guardians.png Iris Emolga Attract.png Iris Emolga.png