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C0Nzn.png WARNING: This user has got too many usertags!
Spr RS Wally.png This user is suffering from a severe calf strain.
As such, I may not be able to reply to talk page messages quickly.
... This page contains random material.
Please do not take it too seriously.

Hello, this is my userpage. I tend to mess up things badly when adding stuff with formatting. I know this can be annoying but please dont yell at me, as Im seriously trying to remember stuff BEFORE its too late.

Also, please dont tell me to use the Preview button, cause I DO, but i just dont notice the error.

That is also the reason I stopped writing programs, should they be tiny or awesome, cause I have bad eyes to see bugs.

Except for Random Pokemon templates, there isnt really something to do here.

Random Pokémon:
#331 Cacnea
  Shiny Pokémon:  
138 s.png
#138 Omanyte

Stories about me

My most epic story

Lucky Ash didn't get shot, or else we'd have a scene way too intense for youngsters... This section contains material too intensely epicsauce for most users.
Viewer discretion is advised.

One day, I have...
Eaten a...

Okay seriously now, I was grounded for 10 seconds after I once spilled some cola over my keyboard. Seriously. I was grouded for 10 seconds.