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This is my mass collection of userboxes, enjoy. :D

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My 'About Me' in a Nutshell

I have been around since January 14, 2009, and while I have gotten the hang of things since then, I am certainly not perfect, if I break any rules or guidelines or make a bad edit, PLEASE inform me on my talk page or the respective article's talk page. I'm sort of a WikiGnome at Bulbapedia, I float around looking for little things here and there that can be fixed but I have made a few major contributions in my time. Though, I've made just as many mistakes as well, so don't be afraid to help me out a bit when I need it. My goal is to eventually be able to be a big help to Bulbapedia and to make fewer mistakes. Also, my talk page isn't just a place to reprimand me or to ask if you can use some of the dandy templates in my userspace, you can also ask me for simple help about editing or ask me to make an edit to a page that is too difficult to do yourself. BTW, Be sure to sign with four tildes after your comments. --> ~~~~. For advice you can go to my advice page which you can find in my navigation template at the top of the page.

Pokémon Predictions

Gen V Pokémon Predictions

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Gen VI Pokémon Predictions and More.

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