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a landfish?

Hi, I'm Landfish7. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a message on my talk page or DM me on Discord at @taylatt7a#4753. Thank you!

Current projects

Main projects

Other areas of focus

  • Improving the Biology and Origin sections of Pokémon.
    • Replacing definitive wording for unsourced info such as "is based on" or "is likely based on" to more speculative wording such as "may be", "appears to be", or "seems to be".
  • Improving anime episode synopses.
  • Fixing common spelling, capitalization, grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes in articles across the mainspace.
    • Adding the serial comma where needed.
    • Removing hyphens connecting adverbs ending in "-ly" to an adjective e.g. fixing "fully-evolved" to "fully evolved".
    • Conforming to official spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and phrasing of Pokémon terminology.
  • Creating needed redirects; marking unneeded redirects for deletion.
  • Removing unnotable trivia.
  • Elevating trivia to the body of the article, if applicable.
  • Removing unnecessary extra spaces/clutter from the wikitext of articles.
  • Fixing/adding link templates.

True signature moves

Only signature moves that cannot be copied by Sketch, introduced in Generation II, can be considered true signature moves, as they are the only moves that are truly exclusive to a single Pokémon, evolutionary family, or Legendary group within a given generation without being able to be copied. This includes:

Similarly, all exclusive Z-Moves, G-Max Moves, and Shadow moves can be considered truly exclusive moves, as Z-Moves and Shadow moves cannot be sketched, and Sketch cannot be used in Sword and Shield, the only games where G-Max Moves can be used.

Notably, Darkrai's Dark Void (since Generation VII) and Hoopa Unbound's Hyperspace Fury can be copied, but only performed if used by or transformed into their respective Pokémon.