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League Match is a feature in Pokémon Duel.


Name Ranking
Beginner 0-1299
Trainer 1300-1499
Leader 1500-1699
Elite 1700-1899
Champion 1900-2099
Great 2100-2399
Ultra 2400-2699
Master 2700-2999
Legend 3000~

Time Booster contents

Charizard (50) Blastoise (101) Venusaur (93) Swampert (168) Sceptile (283) Blaziken (286)
Ralts (217) Absol (68) Dratini (56) Eevee (57) Meowth (40) Murkrow (17)

Pokémon Duel
Training Center Ulex Emblem.png Chateau de Rosa Emblem.png Atlantis Emblem.png Olivia Palace Emblem.png The Volcano Emblem.png Elysium Emblem.png Labyrinth Emblem.png La Galleria Luna Emblem.png Blue Planet Emblem.png Jewel Tower Emblem.png
Game modes
Rank MatchQuest ModeLeague MatchRoom Match
Queen's CupGym CupTeam MatchTournamentDev ShowdownOthers
FiguresPlatesBoosterSalonShopLogin Bonus
EnhancementMissionTime Booster (contents) • TrophyMonthly Point

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