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pokemon mystery dungeon series

rescue team of Pokemon

a police officers return

pokemon ranger


team of pokemon

team gengar

a team lead by 3 Gengar. the team is only of Ghost pokemon. however a Darkrai leads the team as the boss. a single Deoxys known ad Katrines(Gardevoir) boss, he lead Deoxys communication center, only due to collection of info for the team. team gengar kidnapped Katrine at first and locked her down in a chamber, however she managed to send a rescue message and where saved by rescue team of Pokemon. two haunters tried to prevent it but we're captured and put in jail, team Gengars goal where to summon Giratina by bringing 30 dusk stones to GGUC (Great Giratina Underground Chamber.) and summon him however the only 30 dusk stones only supported giratina with power of it's 30. level stat. Kevin managed to defeat him. team Gengar member deoxys fought Kevin but failed and escaped due to his injuries(VERY hard injuries.) what happened in the short period of his dissappearing is unknown only known is that he lived in an underground cave with a little river running through and juicy roots from an apple tree. team gengars leader fleed as well leaving team Gengar torned apart, a single try before the Giratina plan was to attack whole Pokemon city however the 500 pokemon that attacked only 3 made it away without injuries the dead number were 34 and captured 300 and the rest 163 were heavily injuried.


team Armaggedon were runned byd Dark(charizard) and Black(Feraligatr) team Armaggedon operated in silence vbut do to Team of Pokemon trying to arrest them a war started Kevin joining the of pokemon team. Flint(Blaziken) were send to eliminate team of Pokemon reinforcement and make Kevin distracted so he wouldn't concentrate, Flint broke in kevins house staying in the house with Katrine as slave he demanded that Kevin didn't particapate in the fight due to Katrines life on stake. Flint were taken out by an enormuosly powerful Focus Punch team armaggedons leaders were executed after their capture.

armaggedon remodeled

Flint wanting revenge gattered rest members of team armaggedon and team Gengar searching for pokemon wanting to get back on Kevin he made the new team armaggedon, including Deoxys and Giratina.



kevin is a Gallade with a Dodokia(max points in possible stats) at 8000(4 times more than a regular Gallade.) Kevin is strong and developed a lot of his own techniques including Close Gatling Combat, MAX focus punch, true double team and Darkness slash. all attacks over 3 times more powerful than regular pokemon.


Killua is Kevin's oldest son he is seen few times in the anime, Killua is the vocalist of The links park, which is the pokemon answer to Linkin park, Killua therefore travels around the world on world tones all the time.


A charizard, with power, speed and a brain intelligent enough to overcome any criminal Daniel is known as the boss of rescue team of pokemon. his attacks are intence and he can melt sand. he is an execlent thief and spy, and do know how to fix the bad guys.


A sceptile that can pack a heck of a punch and and knows how to cut anything with his razor sharp leaf blades, simons strength is shown, when he ccuts a building in half, not to mention cutting Deoxys headquarters into pieces, Simons leaf blades can cut through metal, glass solid steel, concrete and Duranium.

Pokémon BR


Kevin McMillan

Kevin McMillan
Age 15(Season 1)

18(Season 2) 21(Season 3) 25(Season 4)

Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Red( Currently) Black(Former)
Hometown Unknown City
Region Pokétopia
Relatives Robert "Devin" Johnson (Stepbrother), Cynthia Tyler (Girlfriend)
Trainer class Pokétopia Master
Anime debut Pokétopia, Here I Come!
English voice actor no
Japanese voice actor no

Robert "Devin" Johnson

Cynthia Tyler