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The sprite I like the most is [[Image:CynthiaPlatinum.gif]]
The sprite I like the most is [[Image:CynthiaPlatinum.gif]]
The rest are below:
The rest are below:

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Hi! I'm Kingofun! I'm a member of Project Manga and when I'm not making Pokémon Special Articles I'm usually reading Dogasu's Pokémon episode comparisons.At first I joined Bulbapedia just for editing some mispelled words.But since I found the Manga Project,I can make more and more articles since I have all of the currently released Pokemon Special Manga.280

Favorite Pokémon

My favorite Pokémon is Gardevoirand my favourite Legendary Pokémon is DialgaThe other ones that I like are:


Favourite Sprites

The sprite I like the most is File:CynthiaPlatinum.gif The rest are below: File:BuckPlatinum.gifFile:GardeniaPlatinum.gif File:BerthaPlatinum.gifFile:CandicePlatinum.gifFile:ByronPlatinum.gif File:CyrusPlatinum.gifFile:CrasherWakePlatinum.gifFile:CherylPlatinum.gif File:FantinaPlatinum.gifFile:LucianPlatinum.gifFile:MarleyPlatinum.gif File:MaylenePlatinum.gifFile:MiraPlatinum.gifFile:RileyPlatinum.gif File:RivalPlatinum.gifFile:RoarkPlatinum.gifFile:VolknerPlatinum.gif File:AaronPlatinum.gifFile:Dahlia.gifFile:FlintPlatinum.gif File:KatePlatinum.gifFile:KochraneCattleyaPlatinum.gifFile:NejikiPlatinum.gif File:PalmerPlatinum.gif By the way, I like all of them because the the only current moving human sprites.

The End

Well thats it. I hoped you all like my page.It may get changes later in the year.See Ya!