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This will take a while to make, but I will post the stats of each one (and a summary template) and why they're notable.
== Emerald Version ==
TREEYY/{{p|Sceptile|SCEPTILE}} Level 100 Bold nature.
* My first Pokémon. My first level 100 Pokémon. I might put the story of that here, or make another subage for it.
WURMPEY/{{p|Dustox|DUSTOX}} Level 56(?) Brave nature.
* The first Pokémon I caught.
ZIGG/{{p|Linoone|LINOONE}} Level 80.
* It was level 14 for so long... My long neglected third Pokémon wins the award for most improved in the shortest timespan.
== Sapphire Version ==
MUDDY/{{p|Swampert|SWAMPERT}} Level 60(?).
* My starter in my second Hoenn journey.
== XD ==
EVO/{{p|Jolteon|JOLTEON}} Level 98.
* My starter in XD.
EDDI/{{p|Ursaring|URSARING}} Level 98.
* My first Shadow Pokémon.
LUGIA/{{p|Lugia|LUGIA}} Level 60.
* XD001, the Shadow Lugia.
== Colosseum ==
{{p|Umbreon|UMBREON}} level 50(?)
* One of my starters. Unofficially nicknamed Blacky.
{{p|Espeon|ESPEON}} level 50(?)
*One of my starters. Unofficially nicknamed Eiffie.
{{p|Hitmontop|TOP}} level 30(?)
*One of my purified Shadow Pokémon.
== Diamond (& some Pearl) ==
TWIGY/{{p|Torterra|TORTERRA}} Level 89(?)
* My first Generation IV Pokémon.
I will add more to this soon.

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