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This is a list of my subpages.

Statuses are marked below.

Complete, marked to be mainspaced Incomplete, marked to be mainspaced
Complete, not marked to be mainspaced Incomplete, not marked to be mainspaced
Moved to the mainspace. Deleted.

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Made for the mainspace
Page Description Status
User:TheICTLiker4/List of fishing encounters A list of all Pokémon available by fishing and their methods, areas, and Rods used to fish them.
User:TheICTLiker4/Number glitch Pokémon A glitch Pokémon that exists in Generation VII that fills many hexadecimal slots and freezes the game when trying to send out. Most of these are Bulbasaur hybrids.
User:TheICTLiker4/Unova Stone I'm sorry, but this article was deleted. See the article on the same subject here. Deleted at 07:38 17 September 2019 by Force Fire (talk | contribs)

Message left: “Author request”

User:TheICTLiker4/E O A glitch Pokémon that exists in Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. It can be obtained by evolving Solrock, and can evolve to Treecko.
User:TheICTLiker4/Template:User GO Team I'm sorry, but this template was deleted. See the similar template here. Deleted at 16:32 13 November 2019 by Abcboy (talk | contribs)

Message left: “Author request: content was: "<noinclude>{{delete|of a similar template, created by {{u|Chosen}}}}</noinclude> {| class="userboxitem" style="border:...", and the only contributor was "TheICTLiker4" ([[User talk:Th...)”

Complete list

A complete list is available here.