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Kenji Girl (Japanese: ケンジガール Kenji Girl) has been a user of Bulbapedia since October 2006. She mostly contributes to the Pokémon anime sections of Bulbapedia, creating character of the day articles, and finding the voice actors of the characters. She is the current leader of Project Anime. Her favorite Pokémon is Absol and she loves Tracey Sketchit.

About Myself

My real name is Samantha. I also go under the names of SonicAngel948, SatoshiSonic948, and FlyingPochama948. As you might have guess by those two names I'm also a Sonic the Hedgehog fan. The name FlyingPochama comes from one episode of the anime I saw where Dawn's Piplup appeared to be flying.

I'm a fan of both the games and the anime. Interestingly it was the anime I got into first before I played the game.

Personally I believe I'm a nice person to get to know. I love animals and even work at animal shelter. I'm not a big fan of young kids, though there are still many cool ones out there. I just have had bad experiences with them regarding the animal shelter. Most are loud and whiny and scare the animals. There have been kids I have made friends with from time to time. Mostly, I'm willing to make friends with anyone. The only way that I could become your enemy is if you treat me as such.

I'm a fan of some other things besides Pokémon. I also like other video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, The Mario Series, the Super Smash Brothers series, Star Fox, Dance Dance Revolution, and the Soul Calibur series. I'm not a big fan of all that Final Fantasy crap. I also hate First-person Shooting games.

My other favorite animes include InuYasha, Sailor Moon, Gatchaman, Tokyo Mew Mew, Magic Knight Rayearth, Sonic X (the original), and Blood+. I can't stand Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Fullmetal Alchemist. And fans of Naruto ("Narutards") really annoy me with their complaints of the dub.

I have a low tolerance for flamers and vandals. I tend to get sensitive over discussions of discrimination against people of different races, religions, and sexual orientations and sometimes lose my temper. Especially over the sexual orientation part. I'm not gay but I have friends that are and I become emotional when people say negative things about them or gay couplings. So it's best that you do not discuss them with me if you are against them.

I'm also an artist. I mostly specialize in fan art. Most of it is either related to Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and other animes. Please visit my account on deviantART.

History on Bulbapedia

Well I have come a long way from when I first came here. I first started out creating various character of the day articles that were needed at the time. It still remains one of my top contributions. Most of my edits are dedicated to the Pokémon anime which is also the project I'm in charge of.

I also do a lot of work on the Bulbapedia Archives uploading many anime pictures as well as Pokémon sprites. I uploaded most of the FireRed and LeafGreen sprites myself. I'm also a frequent editor of Shipping pages, mainly anime ships of course.

Eventually I made it up to admin status when TTEchidna needed assistance in stopping a vandal in 2008. I didn't think the powers would be permanent but they were. I recently was given Check user status by MAGNEDETH for helping with the Grawp incident.

I also am the creator and unofficial leader Bulbapedia Project known as Project VA.


When I play the games, I usually name myself Sammy because Sam sounds too much like a guy (though I'll use it when I choose to be the male character) and Samantha will not fit by one letter. *shakes fist*. I usually specialize in Water, Ice, Grass and my favorite Ghost Pokémon. I also get Fire types fairly often mostly because they're a necessity. I also have a tendency to nickname all my Pokémon, but only if they're going to be on my team. I don't name every single one of them.

White 2









  • SoulSilver, Black (Asuka), and White 2 are Japanese copies of the games. The names are written in katakana in the games while I write the romanization here for convenience purposes.

Favorite Pokémon

I have lots of favorites. But my top favorite of all is Absol. Its just so awesome. I love how it looks. My other favorites are as follows.

Generation V

Favorites from generation V. It's a shame that nearly all of its Ice-type are lame.

Pokémon I dislike and why

  • Pichu - Pikachu didn't need a pre-evolution. In general, its a sucky Pikachu clone. I especially hate this damn Spiky-eared Pichu who they basically gave every frickin' detail on already when we still can't figure out the real genders of the main character Pokémon. From the things I read so far, this Pichu is a class act Mary-sue who is going to be the center of one of the most important Pokémon movies. Don't make me barf...
  • Sunflora - It just creeps me out. There's something sinister behind that smile. They're plotting to DESTROY US ALL!!
  • Dunsparce - Just... what the hell? Why was this even made? I think Satoshi Tajiri just ran out of insperation when he created his one. To me it's the lamest Pokémon EVER. At least Magikarp was more creative than this thing.
  • Scizor - When I first saw this Pokémon I did not even think it was supposed to be the evolved form of Scyther. I mean WTF? It looks more like Mewtwo than Scyther. And I know practically everyone likes Scizor more than Scyther because they think it looks cool. Maybe if they designed it to look more like Scyther I would of liked it. Scyther is a mantis, not an ant!!!
  • Mudkip - If I hear So I herd you leik Mudkipz one more time I'm gonna hurt somebody.
  • Shaymin's Sky Forme - Here we had an adorable little hedgehog, and then it turned into that butt-ugly thing...


Tracey Sketchit. THE most AWESOME character in the anime.

I'm also an avid fan of the Pokémon anime. As I said before, I saw the anime first before I played the games. Most of my contributions to Bulbapedia are anime related. My favorite arcs are the Indigo League, Orange League, Pokémon Chronicles, Sinnoh (before it got long and drawn-out), and the Unova arc.

Favorite Characters

  • Tracey/Kenji - I think this was probably obvious to you by my user name. He is my all time favorite character. I love his sweet personality and he draws just like I do. I'm very disappointed that the writers didn't give him a bigger part in the anime. I wished that they would give him a new Pokémon or something. Make him come back once in a while. I was even more pissed off when I heard of Masamitsu Hidaka's claim about why Tracey was created. Now I'm afraid that the writers are trying to do him what they did the the GS Ball: forget about him. I should start a petition or something. I'm not trying to get Tracey to be part of the main cast. I just would like to see him more often.
  • Cilan/Dent - Though I was skeptical when I was initially saw him, he has won my heart over with his charm. So much so that he is now my second favorite character. I love this guy. Cilan's personality reminds me of Tracey's. He's a nice breath of fresh air to the repetitiveness that was Brock. All I have t say is "Thanks for making him part of the main cast!" :)
  • Ash/Satoshi - My third favorite character. I like his charisma and positive outlook on life. He may be a little thick headed at times but the anime just wouldn't be right without him.
  • Misty/Kasumi - Definitely my favorite female character. I fell that I can relate to her because I'm also a tomboyish redhead. I especially like how she matured after the original series ended. I find her to be a very strong trainer that could probably put Dawn and May to shame.
  • Brock/Takeshi - Come on. Who doesn't love Brock? He's funny and a very kind person. When he first left the show I got really upset and I was overjoyed when he came back. Even though Tracey left the cast after that happened. He does go overboard when it comes to girls but hey, that what makes Brock well... Brock.
  • Dawn/Hikari - She's just plain cool. Unlike the other females she seems like she's ready to more. I mean she battled a member of the Elite Four already. Even Ash didn't battle one until season 2. Though she doesn't rank higher than Misty in my book she definitely ranks higher than May.
  • Paul/Shinji - Yes he's rude and crude and abuses his Pokémon but I can't help but love him. Why... well.... I can't really explain it.
  • Reggie/Reiji - Ah... Paul's wonderful elder brother. So sweet... Best supporting character EVER. And I was right on the money when I predicted his dub name. His presence almost makes up for Tracey not being there.
  • Stephan/Kenyan - 'Stephen', 'Steven', however you say it. I love this guy and he's the most interesting of Ash's Unova rivals. And he has a Dageki <33333 Would be better to have more of him instead of Trip. Don't worry big guy, there has to be someone out there who will get your name right.

May, Max, and Iris

I do like May/Haruka, Max/Masato, and Iris, but not as much as the main characters. I really can't stand the fact that May and Max got main parts the the movies before Misty or Brock did. And Iris can be annoying and is acting too much like Misty. All and all they're good characters. That's all I can really say. I can't think of anything that I really like about them.

Characters I dislike

  • Gary/Shigeru - I just don't like him. Even though he has matured, I still see him as that snot-nosed brat from season one. Though I have to admit that I like Japanese Gary more than the English one.
  • Kenny/Kengo - To me Kenny is a bad Richie rip-off. To make things worse, he thinks he's a know-it-all. Plus DP061 pissed me off! How did his lame-ass appeal get him through to the second round when Dawn's amazing appeal didn't? Thank god Jessie kicks his ass later on. And what the hell's wrong with his face? Guess I can't stand childhood rivals.
  • Trip/Shooty - Paul rip-off alert! Paul rip-off alert! I mean, has anyone else noticed that he has the exact same backpack as he does? And he goes a Grass-type for his starter. He's like Gary and Paul's love child. Also, he's a painfully obvious Cheren stand-in.


I have quite a few favorite shippings. I do like same sex shippings as well as straight shippings. I'm not a big fan of incest couples though. My favorite straight ship is Orange, my favorite shōnen ai ship is Coma, and my favorite shōjo ai ship is Appeal. I used to be a big time PokéShipper, but not so much anymore.


Shōnen Ai

Shōjo Ai



This is a list of nevermet ships that I like.

  • BeamShipping (Tracey × Dawn)
  • OpticShipping (Brock × Cilan)
  • StarchShipping (Tracey × Cilan)

My least favorite shippings

Important articles started

I have created many articles and used to list all of them. But here are some of my more notable ones included in the mainspace.

Kenji Girl's sites