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|Leftovers [[Image:Bag_Leftovers_Sprite.png‎]]
|Leftovers [[Image:Bag_Leftovers_Sprite.png‎]]
|{{a|Clear Body}}
|{{a|Clear Body}}
|{{m|Zen Headbutt}}<br>{{m|Thunder Punch}}<br>{{m|Ice Punch}}<br>{{m|Explosion}}
|{{m|Zen Headbutt}}<br>{{m|ThunderPunch}}<br>{{m|Ice Punch}}<br>{{m|Explosion}}

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Things about me:

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About Me

I've been playing Pokemon since 2003 and currently own Pokemon Gold, Blue, Emerald, Fire Red, Pearl, Platinum, and Soul Silver.

I can be found in the GlitchDex and Pokedex sections finding/editing images and removing any white backgrounds from Generation II avatars. If you have any comments/concerns, feel free to mention it on my talk page.

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Battle Frontier Team (WIP)

Pokémon BirthDate Nature Highest IV Held Item Ability Moves Known
GarchompPoké Ball III.png
April 12th 2009 Jolly Likes to Fight Soft Sand Bag Soft Sand Sprite.png Sand Veil Earthquake
Fire Fang
Dragon Claw
Swords Dance
TogekissPoké Ball III.png
August 11th 2009 Calm Scatters Things Often Leftovers Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Hustle Grass Knot
Air Slash
CradilyPoké Ball III.png
August 24th 2007 Docile Mischievous Leftovers Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Suction Cups Toxic
Energy Ball
GengarPoké Ball III.png
March 20th 2008 Modest Alert to sounds Black Sludge Bag Black Sludge Sprite.png Levitate Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
TyranitarPoké Ball III.png
July 17th 2007 Adamant Likes to Thrash About Shell Bell Bag Shell Bell Sprite.png Sand Stream Earthquake
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang
Stone Edge
Porygon-ZPoké Ball III.png
August 31st 2007 Modest Alert to Sounds Wise Glasses Bag Wise Glasses Sprite.png Download Nasty Plot
Ice Beam
LucarioPoké Ball III.png
March 12th 2010 Modest Mischievous Life Orb Bag Life Orb Sprite.png Steadfast Water Pulse
Dark Pulse
Aura Sphere
Hyper Beam
MetagrossPoké Ball III.png
March 15th 2010 Adamant Somewhat of a clown Leftovers Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Clear Body Zen Headbutt
Ice Punch