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"Bravo!! Your talent has brought you to the destination called Victory! However, your journey has just started. When you choose your next destination, go full speed ahead!" -Subway Boss Ingo

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I came to this tiny site years ago, back when it was still just a baby. I registered back in October of 2006 but only made two edits. I made a small come back in 2009 where I'd lurk and fix spelling errors and add little tidbits to the episode pages, just in my free time. When PokéPark Wii came out, I noticed I was one of the few people to actually own it on its release date, so I took advantage of that fact and created pages for all of the PokéPark Zones. This essentially got me noticed by the staff and from there I got to become good friends with most of them. January 2011 I found myself Co-leading a project, Februrary I earned a sparkly gold user tag, and March I was given a promotion to Junior Administrator to help during Pokémon Black and White's English release. August I was given a promotion to Admin on the Archives, and December 2011 I was promoted to admin on Bulbapedia after the staff drive. In August of 2012 I was promoted to Senior Administrator after the Black 2 and White 2 hype. Please, feel free to ask me anything if you need help.

I'm typically a very reserved person. I like to be left alone and left out of conflicts. So if you catch me working on a project, I'd like to be left to that and not have unwanted assistance. As nice as it may seem, it only causes edit conflicts and possibly more work. Wait for me to finish to contribute please, if you'd be so kind. Aside from that, I try to be on my best behavior while here. I like to help whenever I can and keep things short and sweet rather than producing a wall of text. So again, if you ever need any help with anything, feel free to ask me. I'll answer in the best way I can.

I first got into Pokémon in 1998 and I would watch it with my siblings. They both had Red and Blue respectively but I didn't have a game of my own until finally I got Yellow for Xmas when I was 7. So my siblings and I made a complete set of Red, Blue, and Yellow. They moved on to other things when Generation II came around. I, however, got Silver version, then Ruby version, later Sapphire, FireRed, Diamond, Platinum, Black, White, Black 2, and finally White 2. I also play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. I collect cards by Masakazu Fukuda as well as just random cards I think are cool. My most prized collection is that of my Pokémon toys. I've got figurines, plushies, backpacks, clothes, etc. ranging somewhere in the 300s and increasing every other day.


The following are just general logs from chats I thought were funny

Jealous Type
Context: MisterE13 has asked me to upload some sprites
MisterE13: ill love you forever if you can do them Jo :-D
Jo The Marten: I don't think Werd would like that very much.
Ataro: Is he the jealous type?
Werdnae: I don't know if I'm the jealous type, but I have Special:block and Special:UserRights right there

Karaoke Time
Kogoro: Well here we are again
Jo The Marten: It's always such a pleasure
Kogoro: Remember when you tried
Jo The Marten: to kill me twice
Kogoro: Oh how we laughed and laughed
Jo The Marten: Except I wasn't laughing
Kogoro: Under the cirumstances
Jo The Marten: I've been shockingly nice.
Kogoro: You want your freedom
Jo The Marten: Take it
Kogoro: That's what I'm counting on
Jo The Marten: I used to want you dead
Kogoro: But now I only want you gone~
Jo The Marten: She was a lot like you
Kogoro: Maybe not quite as heavy
Jo The Marten: Now little Caroline is in here too
Kogoro: One day they woke me up
Jo The Marten: So I could live forever
Kogoro: It's such a shame the same
Jo The Marten: Will never happen to you
Kogoro: You've got your
Jo The Marten: short sad life left
Kogoro: That's what I'm counting on
Jo The Marten: I'll let you get right to it
Kogoro: Now I only want you gone~
Jo The Marten: Good bye my only friend
Kogoro: Oh, did you think I meant you?
Jo The Marten: That would be funny, if it weren't so sad
Kogoro: Well you have been replaced
Jo The Marten: I don't need anyone now
Kogoro: When I delete you maybe
Jo The Marten: I'll stop feeling so bad
Kogoro: Go make some new disaster
Jo The Marten: That's what I'm counting on
Kogoro: You're someone else's problem
Jo The Marten: Now I only want you gone
Kogoro: Now I only want you gone~
Jo The Marten: Now I only want you gone......~~~~~


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Templates made by Jo The Marten. I'd really appreciate it if no one took these templates without my permission. If you do take them without my permission, you will be made to remove whatever was stolen, and I will have lost all respect for you.*