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Small details

Favorite stuff



Number. Pokémon - How I got it - Self-created Pokéball used


1. Empoleon♂ - Starter as Piplup - Aqua ball

2. Absol♂ - 1st caught - Darkness ball

3. Staraptor♂ - 2nd caught as Starly - Air ball

4. Electivire♂ - 3rd caught as Elekid - Thunder ball

5. Gallade♂ - 4th caught as Ralts - Psych ball

6. Magmortar♂ - 5th caught as Magby - Flame ball


I don't have one at the moment.


One of the Gen IV ones, but I dunno which one.

Projects I'm helping in

Project Pokédex

And nothing else so far.