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<div style="
font-face:monospace;font-size:200%;color:#000000;padding-top:20%;padding-left:20%;line-height:140%;"> This is the userpage of Jellochuu.<br/> This page is protected from vampires. <br/> <br/>
[[User talk:Jellochuu|Talk]] / [[User:Jellochuu/box|Box]]<br/>
<!-- ! Don't sign your name:
{{User:Jellochuu/s}} 19:34, 22 Feb 2005 (UTC)
[[User:Jshadias|Jshadias]] 00:47, 22 Feb 2005 (UTC)
This is stupid. [[User:Sheep|Sheep]] 00:53, 22 Feb 2005 (UTC)
[[User:Zhen Lin|刘 (劉) 振霖]] 08:11, 22 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Firefox nothing. You can gain access to this page just via URLs alone. - Zeta
I knew the page could be edited, fools. I was just experimenting to try to obscure access to the normal edit link. - Jellochuu
Not even protected anymore....

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