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A todo-list by Jason.


When dealing with GB Cards, use the format

  • {{TCG ID}} where 1 is card na,e 2 is GB and 3 is 1 or 2, depends on the card's first appearance in the game. For example, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon would be known as Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon respectively while GB2 exclusive cards like Dark Clefable and Dark Ninetales can be known as Dark Clefable and Dark Ninetales respectively.

For Vending Series 1/2/3, use .... For Bulbasuar and Squirtle intro packs, use... For unreleased Japanese promos, use...

Templates in use

Other templates of usage

These link templates are particularly useful for making lists of the cards available in the different sets or theme decks.

  • {{TCG}} - This link template is for anything that appears widely in the TCG. All decks should, in their article name, be suffixed with (TCG), much like articles on Pokémon species for Project Pokédex are with (Pokémon). An article on the Haymaker archetype would be at Haymaker (TCG), linked as {{TCG|Haymaker}}. Additionally, cards that appear in many sets, such as energy cards, should be linked with this template.
  • {{TCG ID}} - This link template is for cards which appear in only certain sets, such as Pokémon cards and trainer cards. To use this link template, type in {{TCG ID|Set Name|Card Name|Number}}. For example, {{TCG ID|Base Set|Charizard|4}} would result in Charizard.

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