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{{User timezone|AEST|Australian Eastern Standard Time|UTC+10}}
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{{User Project TCG}}
{{User Project TCG}}
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== Jason ==
Hello folks!<br><br><br>
Contact Details:<br>
email: mew.jadester @ gmail . com<br>
msn: mew.jadester @ gmail . com<br>
aim: mew jadester<br>
yim: JadeRMXP<br>
== Jason's TCG1 Deck ==
facebook: www.facebook.com/mewjsx
'''Record''': 46-5 *the only autoloss were fire decks...*
'''No. of T2/T3 donks''': 15.
[[User:Jason/GBCards|note to self: need to finish what i have started years ago ;p]]
*4x Scyther
*4x DCE
*12x Grass
*4x Bill
*4x Oak
*4x ER
*4x Comp.Search
*4x Itemfinder
*4x Recycle
*4x Potion
*4x PlusPower
*4x Gust of wind
*2x Switch
*2x Energy Search
== Jason's TCG2 Deck ==
Snap, too many restrictions by some GR trainers...Uuughh...So I cant go along with a nice pernament deck...Man, I really love my Scythers...
Well, i usually play Scyther but it isnt doing well at lategame...Lame...
Will be updated.
== Miscellaneous Stuff ==
[[User:Jason/GBCards|Useful information regarding to TCG GB1/GB2 games. Man, that game is SO addicting, even for a National Champ :D]]<br>

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facebook: www.facebook.com/mewjsx

note to self: need to finish what i have started years ago ;p