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Hi! I'm Jake & welcome to my Bulbapedia page! My first games console was a Pikachu-themed Game Boy Colour, with Pokemon Red Version, the first video game I've ever played. I have been hooked since. I don't really watch anime or read manga, so I devoted myself to becoming an expert on the games. I'm trying to make a page for each of the games with all of the boss fights on.

Contact Me

If you want to talk, e-mail me or add me on Windows Live Messenger as [email protected], add me on AIM as Jakeul200493, add me on PlayStation Network as Jake200493 or on XBOX Live as TheAntichrist93.

My Pages

I'm working on these, they'll be up ASAP (as soon as possible)

My Teams

I'm going to update this area sooner or later, so keep your eyes peeled :D