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ヒュウ Hyu
Hugh Adventures.png
Age 12
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color Dark Blue
Hometown Aspertia City
Region Unova
Relatives Younger sister, grandfather (deceased)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hugh

Hugh (Japanese: ヒュウ Hyu) is a supporting character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Hugh as a child.

Hugh is obsessed with getting stronger, which tends to put him at odds with his classmates, who tend to focus on things other than battling. Hugh holds an extreme grudge towards Team Plasma and all those associated with them, after they stole his sister's Purrloin. He is extremely angered upon discovering one of his female classmates had ties to Team Plasma, and promises to reveal her identity. When he discovers that Whitley was the one with connected to Team Plasma, he is initially extremely angry. However, upon being saved by some of the good members of Team Plasma, he learns they are not all evil, and apologized to Whitley.


Hugh debuts in the Black 2 & White 2 chapter. He is a student at the Aspertia City Trainers' School, alongside his classmates Blake, Whitley, Leo, Yuki, Yuko, and Maya. Despite having a home of his own in Aspertia City, Hugh lives in the school dormitories, where he shares a room with Leo.

Hugh is first seen berating Blake and Leo for coming late to school. When their new teacher, Cheren, sees the argument, he forces the three to sit in the halls as a punishment for disrupting class. Later, Cheren hosts a small group battle between the boys and girls of the class. Hugh's first opponent on the boys side is Leo, who he easily defeats despite the latter being someone who competed in the previous Unova League. Eventually, Hugh is defeated by Blake, who receives a Pokédex alongside Whitley, who won the battles on the girls' side.

Later, the group travels to Pokéstar Studios. much to Hugh's annoyance as he questions how movies can help make him stronger. He is proven wrong when he finds out that despite the movie dialogue being scripted, the battles they have are actually real. He later watches as the Mecha Tyranitar from another set goes berserk and has to be stopped by Blake. Afterward, he overhears a group of his girl classmates excitedly talk about what to do about their upcoming culture festival. He gets angry at the girls, which offends them into commenting that they feel sorry for Hugh's younger sister due to her brother being unable to understand girls. This infuriates Hugh even further, who retaliates by attacking them. After Leo stops him and the girls have left in disgust at his actions, Hugh notices one of them dropped a locket with a memory card inside.

Hugh later checks out the memory card and finds out that it contains a list of Pokémon and their Trainers. When he finds his name inside the list, Hugh flashes back to five years ago. Back then, a younger Hugh obtains a Pidove, a Tynamo and a Purrloin from his grandfather, an Artist. From the three Pokémon, Hugh decides to give the Purrloin as a birthday gift for his sister for her birthday. As it refuses to listen to him, Hugh is forced to wrap the Purrloin itself rather than wrap its Poké Ball. He later gives it to his sister, who the Purrloin instantly takes a liking to despite attacking Hugh earlier. Hugh attempts to force his sister into training the Purrloin against her wishes, which gets them the attention of two Team Plasma Grunts. The Grunts attack Hugh, and despite his attempts to defend, he is easily defeated and Purrloin is stolen. As he lies on the ground unconscious, Hugh wonders if he didn't force his sister to train Purrloin, then it would not have been stolen. He quickly changes his mind to say that if he was stronger, he wouldn't have been defeated. He wakes up and swears revenge against Team Plasma.

Back in the present, Hugh realizes that the memory card contains a list of Pokémon liberated by Team Plasma and that he was the very first one they attacked. He also guesses that since it belonged to a girl in his class, one of them must be a member of Team Plasma and swears to reveal her true identity.

Later, Hugh competes in the Autumn Choir Tournament as a member of Team Jigglypuff alongside Blake, Whitley, Leo, Yuki, Yuko, and Maya. Due to his sister being a part of the audience, Hugh forces himself to act nicer to his female classmates, much to his annoyance. After a hard battle against Team Sawsbuck, Team Jigglypuff emerges as the winners of the tournament with the help of Blake's Dewott. As a reward for their performance, Roxie has her father take the winning team and their class to Castelia City to participate in the Unova Choir Tournament.

As they travel, Hugh discovers that his sister has managed to stow away onto the ship. Hugh's sister reveals that she did so because she was worried about Hugh, who she had little time to interact with after he started attending the Trainers' School. In order to keep his sister from worrying, Hugh lies about finding the memory card and claims he was busy with schoolwork. He then tells her to keep herself hidden until they reach their destination. Shortly after arriving, Hugh's sister exits her hiding place to look for her brother. When she sees Leo running down the stairs, the sight of his Deino scares her, causing her to fall overboard. After Leo manages to save Hug's sister, Hugh thanks Leo and begs him not to tell anyone that his sister stowed away.

Upon reaching their destination, Hugh and Leo attempt to sneak away while being careful to let no one see Hugh's sister with them. At Castelia City, Roxie discovers a member of the executive committee for the Unova Choir Tournament. The executive reveals that a group of villains attacked him and stole his Karrablast in an attempt to "liberate" it. Recognizing the term, Hugh immediately knows that it must be Team Plasma and sets out with Blake, Whitley, and Roxie in order to confront them. They track the attackers to the Castelia Sewers, but are attacked by a group of Muk shortly after entering the area. When Hugh sees that the Trainers commanding the Muk are Team Plasma members, he flies into a rage and begins attacking them. Hugh's attack fails and the Muk immediately begin swarming after everyone, forcing the group to scatter. As he hides from the rampaging Muk, Hugh is approached by a figure, which he believes to be Team Plasma. It actually turns out to be Looker's Croagunk. Looker talks to Croagunk with his Xtransceiver, but due to it being hidden by Croagunk's hat, Hugh assumes that Croagunk is actually the one talking. Looker attempts to get Hugh to reveal what he knows about the situation, but Hugh refuses to talk to the police and runs off.

Hugh leaves the Sewers and returns to Prime Pier, where he meets up with his class. He reveals to everyone that Team Plasma had returned and that he fought against them. He also reveals that one of the girls in the class is a member of Team Plasma and presents the pendant he found as proof. Hugh tells everyone that he plans to leave the Trainers' School to continue his pursuit of Team Plasma, but is stopped by Whitley, who was keeping herself hidden. The class, finding Whitley's behavior suspicious, begin to suspect she may be the person Hugh was talking about, but are put to sleep by Foongy's spores. Hugh confronts Whitley and confirms that she is in fact the Team Plasma member in their class.

When Whitley asks to get the pendant back, Hugh agrees, but only on the condition that she return his sister's Purrloin. Whitley states that she has never seen a stolen Purrloin among the Pokémon liberated by Team Plasma, but Hugh refuses to believe her. Whitley reveals that despite her being a part of Team Plasma, she was never truly aware of their crimes and apologizes to Hugh for what happened to him. Hugh tells Whitley to take him to the Team Plasma house she stayed at two years ago in the hopes that Purrloin may still be there. The two are soon distracted by a crowd of people who point at a flying ship approaching Castelia City. The ship reveals a cannon and fires a beam of energy at Castelia City, instantly freezing several buildings as well as the people who spotted the ship. Although Hugh and Whitley manage to avoid getting frozen by the beam, Hugh ends up getting knocked unconscious.

Hugh later awakens at the Trainers' School, having been taken there by Rood of the Seven Sages, who revealed that Purrloin was safe in the care of someone else. Rood asked Hugh to give him the memory card, which contained data on a device that could counteract the Colress Machine capable of controlling Pokémon. A group of Plasma Grunts appeared to attack them, but were stopped by Hugh, who gave his room key to Rood and told him to retrieve the memory card. Once Rood succeeded, he and Hugh fled to another location run by good Team Plasma members. With the memory card, they built the device, which eventually successfully stopped the Colress Machine.

Afterward, Hugh encountered Whitley again while infiltrating the Plasma Frigate. He apologized for his behavior at Castelia, explaining that Rood told him everything about the situation with Team Plasma. He explained that he was looking for N, as he was told that his sister's Purrloin was in his care. Once N was freed from captivity, he agreed to return Purrloin, but only after Ghetsis was defeated. As they headed to where Ghetsis was, Hugh encountered the Grunts that stole Purrloin. While Whitley and N went ahead, Hugh stayed behind to get his revenge and was assisted by Foongy. Though the Grunts were easily defeated, one refused to give up and tried to continue the battle by sending out a liberated Snivy. When the Snivy refused to fight Hugh, having chosen to side with him instead, the Grunts immediately surrendered. A sudden explosion soon tore the Plasma Frigate apart from the inside, after which Hugh went to meet with the others. After everyone fled to safe ground and regrouped, the Plasma Frigate crashed into the abandoned N's Castle, setting it ablaze and putting the liberated Pokémon Team Plasma left behind in danger. Blake decided the best option to stop the fire was to combine the might of all three stages of the Unova starter Pokémon. Teaming up with the Snivy he befriended, Hugh, Blake, Whitley, Black, White, Cheren, Bianca, Benga, and Cedric Juniper unleashed a triple, Grass, Fire, and Water Pledge combination attack, successfully dousing the flames. Hugh and his sister were then taken into N's Castle, where they were reunited with Purrloin.

Later, Hugh was forcibly taken to the Trainers' School, where his classmates apologized for treating him poorly and begged him to start attending class again. Embarrassed, Hugh agreed to come back to school and apologized for his earlier behavior as well. Later, Hugh attended the Trainers' School graduation ceremony with his classmates.


This listing is of Hugh's known Pokémon:


On hand
Hugh's Vibrava

Hugh's Vibrava
Trapinch → Vibrava
Vibrava is Hugh's first known Pokémon. It was first seen as a Trapinch as it was being used to battle Leo's Deino at the Aspertia City Trainers' School. It won, but was defeated by Blake's Dewott afterwards. Sometime before going to Pokéstar Studios, Trapinch evolved into a Vibrava.

Vibrava's known moves are Sonic Boom, Dragon Breath, and Sandstorm.

Debut The Transfer Student
Hugh's Pidove
Pidove is Hugh's second known Pokémon. It was given to Hugh by his grandfather, along with a Tynamo and a Purrloin. It was first used to battle a group of Team Plasma Grunts at the Aspertia Trainers' School. It used Bestow to give a Grunt's Klang a Choice Band, preventing it from using any move other than Protect.

Pidove's only known move is Bestow and its Ability is Super Luck.

Debut Unforgettable Memories
Hugh's Eelektross

Hugh's Eelektross
Tynamo → Eelektrik → Eelektross
Eelektross is Hugh's third known Pokémon. It was given to to Hugh as a Tynamo by his grandfather, along with a Pidove and a Purrloin. Sometime prior to Abyssal Ruins, it evolved into an Eelektross. It was used to battle a group of Team Plasma Grunts that came to attack Rood.

Eelektross's only known move is Crush Claw and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut Unforgettable Memories
Given away
Hugh's sister's Purrloin
Purrloin is a Pokémon Hugh got for his sister's birthday. Although it wouldn't listen to him, the Purrloin listened to his sister perfectly. Later, it was stolen by Team Plasma, fueling Hugh's hatred for the group.

Purrloin's only known move is Scratch.

Debut Unforgettable Memories
Hugh's Jigglypuff
This Jigglypuff was partnered with Hugh during the Autumn Choir Tournament. Together, they performed in Team Jigglypuff and faced off against other students. In the finals, Team Jigglypuff faced off against Team Sawsbuck, but eventually came out on top.

Jigglypuff's known moves are Sing and Hyper Voice.

Debut Choir Tournament
Main article: Foongy

Foongy (Japanese: ダケちゃん Dake-chan) is a Pokémon belonging to Whitley. During their raid on the Plasma Frigate, Foongy decided to stay behind and help Hugh fight a pair of Plasma Grunts.

Debut A Difficult Parting
Team Plasma's Snivy
Snivy was a Pokémon liberated by Team Plasma. It was sent to battle Hugh on the Plasma Frigate, but it refused to fight and instead sided with him.

Snivy's only known move is Grass Pledge.

Debut PS548


  • He is the first character based on a nameable rival to not be named after a game, and thus, the only one that is not a main character.
  • He is also the first rival-based character to have never used a Pokédex.

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