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Battle Frontier Records

Tower TowerGoldprintL.png Castle CastleGoldprintL.png Factory FactoryGoldprintL.png Arcade ArcadeGoldprintL.png Hall HallGoldprintL.png

My Team Ani068MS.png Ani445MS.png Ani248MS.png

My Team Ani445MS.png Ani026MS.png Ani018MS.png

Spr Pt Thorton.png Factory Head Thorton Ani466MS.png Ani212MS.png Ani430MS.png

My Team Ani195MS.png Ani467MS.png Ani169MS.png

My Team Ani334MS.png Ani149MS.png Ani026MS.png

Spr Pt Argenta.png Hall Matron Argenta Ani426MS.png

My Team Ani452MS.png

Sapphire Team Ani306MS.png Ani350MS.png Ani373MS.png Ani376MS.png Ani330MS.png Ani254MS.png

Leaf Green Team Ani009MS.png Ani018MS.png Ani026MS.png Ani149MS.png Ani059MS.png Ani196MS.png

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Legendary Trios

Entei Raikou Suicune.png


My Ribbons HoennBeauty.png SinnohBeauty.png HoennCool.png SinnohCool.png HoennCute.png SinnohCute.png HoennSmart.png SinnohSmart.png HoennTough.png SinnohTough.png Alert Ribbon.png Careless Ribbon.png Downcast Ribbon.png Relax Ribbon.png Shock Ribbon.png Smile Ribbon.png Snooze Ribbon.png Footprint Ribbon.png Gorgeous Ribbon.png Gorgeous Royal Ribbon.png Royal Ribbon.png National Ribbon.png Classic Ribbon.png Earth Ribbon.png Effort Ribbon.png Champion Ribbon.png Sinnoh Champ Ribbon.png VictoryRibbon.png Winning Ribbon.png Ability Ribbon.png Great Ability Ribbon.png Double Ability Ribbon.png Multi Ability Ribbon.png Pair Ability Ribbon.png World Ability Ribbon.png

My Badges DreamBadges.png

Bag Draco Plate Sprite.png Bag Toxic Plate Sprite.png Bag Zap Plate Sprite.png Bag Flame Plate Sprite.png Bag Splash Plate Sprite.png Bag Meadow Plate Sprite.png Bag Spooky Plate Sprite.png Bag Dread Plate Sprite.png Bag Insect Plate Sprite.png Bag Icicle Plate Sprite.png Bag Earth Plate Sprite.png Bag Stone Plate Sprite.png Bag Iron Plate Sprite.png Bag Sky Plate Sprite.png Bag Fist Plate Sprite.png Bag Mind Plate Sprite.png

Bag Adamant Orb Sprite.png Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png Bag Lustrous Orb Sprite.png

Bag Azure Flute Sprite.png

Bag Blue Orb III Sprite.png Bag Red Orb III Sprite.png

SilverShieldSprite.png GoldShieldSprite.png