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Hyuuga112's favorite Pokémon (and current team) are:

475Gallade.png GALLADE 257Blaziken.png BLAZIKEN 257Blaziken.png BLAZIKEN 196Espeon.png ESPEON 169Crobat.png CROBAT a:File:Art-Goukazaru.jpg INFERNAPE

His FC

His name on Pearl is Itachi. His Friend Code is 1976 6933 0784


Hyuuga112 is a Gym Leader in the SuperRJ Bobe League at The WiFi Community


Before becoming a Gym Leader, Hyuuga112 was in many Leagues. These are his badges: Volcano Badge.png Zephyr Badge.png Fog Badge.png Storm Badge.png Glacier Badge.png Rising Badge.png Heat Badge.png Feather Badge.png

Preferred Type

Hyuuga112 has many different types of Pokémon. He owns nearly every starter. He has every Fire-Type starter. He most prefers Fighting Type, like his Gym, so he can use both Blaziken, his Gallade, and his Infernape