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This is the page for in-game event Pokémon. In other words, those are Pokémon that appear in the games only at a particular time, or only once. Essentially, these are either egg, legendary, slot machine, or given Pokémon. An example would be Latios in Pokémon Ruby. An event Pokémon would be Latios in Pokémon Sapphire, since it requires the use of the Eon Ticket. Add as you like. Please be accurate, and only add what is needed. Natures and genders vary, so don't put it on unless it's 100% (gender only).


Main article: User:Ht14/IGEP/Legendary

All the non-event Legendary Pokémon go here.


Main article: User:Ht14/IGEP/Egg

All eggs given by NPCs go here.

Slot Machine

Main article: User:Ht14/IGEP/Slots

Slot machine rewards go here.


Main article: User:Ht14/IGEP/Freebie

Also given by NPCs, not in egg-form...


Main article: User:Ht14/IGEP/Other

None of the above.

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