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If you want to do something, check out the links below:

Other than pages that need to be filled up, there are other assignments... As an encyclopedia, there's always so much to do. When you complete a specific assignment, PLEASE tell me on this talk page. It makes life much easier. I will try to update every month if nobody responds to add stuff in. Any other requests that you'd like to put here, just tell me on the talk page and I'll try to incorporate this as best as I can (presuming a lot of users actually look at this page...).



  • spinners (Gen IV), warp tiles (Gen IV and Gen IIIRSE), marsh tiles
  • Fainting (so much text... but no images... maybe a vid since anime and games are different... or maybe one of Trom's pic of whiting out... something... )
  • See this. Note that it'll take a very long time to load.
    • Speaking of which: flip these and make these transparent
      • 2-D game images to be exact...
      • Also, Trozei! sprites and Sugimori artwork
  • Shadow moves (90% done)
  • dungeons
  • See this. Those are the overworld sprites from HGSS that have most priority.
  • Pokémon Emerald shiny sprites
  • Pokémon Dream World Décor sprites (I don't think we're missing any now, but I'm curious how people get them...)



Those lovely things. No more JPEG. No more jpeg. No more JPG. No more jpg. No more PNG. It's png for the win. Upload replacements. Yay. Maybe this'll be a separate page. For now...

  • Preferable format for Trainer's Pokémon: Trainer name_Pokémon name.png.
  • For wild Pokémon: Pokémon name_anime.png or Pokémon name_movie.png (where movie means M + number)
  • For moves, Pokémon name_move name.png. If there is a second one, then preparation or effect would do after the move name (e.g. Turtwig Weather Ball effect.png)
  • For others, I guess the title of the character will suffice. If there are parentheses involved, ignore them in the filename.


These images are needed. The articles are empty for the most part...

Manga Characters

Yes, we definitely need this for Pokémon Special!!!


  • Blue's Pidgeot
  • Blue's Ninetales


  • Meta-chan
  • Nidory


  • Dody


  • Gold's Pichu (possible, due to its history with Pika and Chuchu)
  • Mantaro
  • Sudobo (Utaro)
  • Sunbo (Sintaro)
  • Togebo (Togetaro)


  • summary of him needs work...


  • Natee
  • Bonee
  • Chumee
  • Hitmonee
  • Parasee
  • summary of her needs work...

Important Pages

  • We need articles that have the Pokémon News dialogue. Examples: Gabby and Ty's show. Battle Tower/Frontier records. Records for longest period of time to fish for a Pokémon. Shopping records...
  • We need dungeon pages and possibly some rescue teams done, specifically Team Charm and Team AWD, what with the special episodes.
  • Emerald Gym Leader items and pay (BIG PRIORITY!!! We're already at B2W2 and look where we are still!)

Trainer info


Template updates

  • Mystery Dungeon locations (mdloc)
  • glitch Pokémon (template update: fix up Mew glitch stat)
    • movesets (Template:Movelistglitch)
  • Poké Mart (side games (PMD), Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD)
  • Trainer templates: just update and put here if the overworld sprites are not all uploaded. Notably this.
  • item updates (itlisth, itlistbod, itlistfoot)
  • PMD TM/HM update (TMtable): you could use TM35 as an example, and data is found here (incomplete... but you could put it on the TM table first if you'd like)


  • Some movesets for Gen I-IV may have incorrect accuracy, power, and PP. For some minor help, see here. Not sure if anything is missing per se... but PP is missing at the moment... I think...
  • It'd be nice to get the in the manga section written for Pokémon such as Lt. Surge's Raichu and Blaine's Magmar. It looks more filled up that way.

Specific Pages

These simply have to be filled up:

This'll have to do for now...don't worry, it'll get filled up.


  • captions that describe a certain place. They are found in the games. ONLY USE GAME CAPTIONS.
  • trainer info for the 3-D games. These are probably the pages with least'd be nice to see those filled up.
  • anime section for held items, such as evolution-inducing held items
  • redirects: moves, abilities, Pokémon. All need to have their Japanese link and their English translation linking to it (e.g. Last Resort can be linked via The Best or とっておき). Fix those who have to go to regular Pokémon disambigs. e.g. ヒトカゲ or Hitokage would link to Charmander (Pokémon) due to it being a disambig, not Charmander since that'll cause a double redirect.
  • move debuts for manga Pokémon (e.g. Saur, Vee)
  • use of chapter template
  • articles needing more info
  • orphaned pages
  • outdated pages
  • Contest stat enhanced (Emerald in-game trades)
  • Voice actors, as seen here

Userspace Templates

  • notability worthy? That is the question.

Japanese titles

  • Just a nit-pickiness I've seen only recently for some reason... standard coding for titles: '''Title name''' (Japanese: '''Japanese name''' ''Japanese translation''), which comes out as this:
    Title name (Japanese: Japanese name Japanese translation)
  • Examples from the manga include Black Tyranitar, Black, Grey, and Kai Midorikawa's Charizard.
  • Examples from the games include Wonder Orbs, Ginseng, and Seeds. By the first and third one, I mean within the article, not exactly the article title itself.

Some Ideas

Hope this helps you people.


This is the section for personal info, I guess. Answer or fulfill any of these questions/criterion and then it will be removed. If any admin/other user yells at you for reviving an old conversation, blame it on me and we're good to go. The reason I'm taking this risk is to improve the article. Or... you could respond via the forums. I do have a page specially designed for this. The following are talk pages.