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Hippocampus is an extremely cute little male hippopotamus, which has the brains of two Alakazams.

He welcomes all suggestions from the seniors of Bulbapedia [1] becaue he is just a little 11 year old.

His favourite pokemon are Hippopotas, Swarmpert, and Steelix. (Yay!)

This page is about his journal as a hippopotas journalist living in Turnback Cave with Giratina on his short, stubby tail.

26 October 2009

Yay! I found a laptop some silly trainer left behind. I've created a Bulbapedia account! (I've always wanted to) Giratina is still bugging me. Knocking me out all the time. Humph! Ate some nice Oran Berry for dinner. Cooked myself some tomatoes. Then, some trainer with a beanie [2] was walking in. Scary! I quickly devoured my tomatoes and hid myself in a corner with my laptop. I could hear Giratina's screams. Serves him right, that terrorist. I'm a nice Pokémon, I tell ya, I am. I do NOT deserve to be pushed around by a large bully. I hope someone with a laptop adopts me an captures me in a red ball. Ahh. Dreams,dreams. Oh! So bored. Went out 8 times to find berries. Still finding stuff to do to kill time... Bulbapedia is perfect! I love it! I have visited the Hippopotas page 10 times, and read through it. Visit my talk page!