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His favourite pokemon are {{p|Hippopotas}}, {{p|Swarmpert}}, and {{p|Steelix}}. (Yay!)
His favourite pokemon are {{p|Hippopotas}}, {{p|Swarmpert}}, and {{p|Steelix}}. (Yay!)
This page is about his journal as a hippopotas journalist living in Turnback Cave with Giratina on his short, stubby
'''Me tags yay'''
{{User Project COD}}
{{User Project Anime}}
26 October 2009
{{User Project BerryDex}}
{{User's favourite pokemon is hippopotas}}
Yay! I found a laptop some silly trainer left behind.
{{User likes Paul and Reggie.}}
I've created a Bulbapedia account! (I've always wanted to)
{{User does not play Pokemon Games, but will like to}}
Giratina is still bugging me. Knocking me out all the time.
{{User will like to have a Steelix for christmas}}
{{User is male}}
Ate some nice Oran Berry for dinner.
{{User is 11 years old}}
Cooked myself some tomatoes.
{{User likes roast beef}}
Then, some trainer with a beanie [http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Dawn_(anime)]
{{User likes Bulbapedia}}
was walking in. Scary! I quickly devoured my tomatoes and hid myself in a corner with my laptop.
I could hear Giratina's screams. Serves him right, that terrorist.
I'm a nice Pokémon, I tell ya, I am. I do NOT deserve to be pushed around by a large bully.
I hope someone with a laptop adopts me an captures me in a red ball.
Ahh. Dreams,dreams.
Oh! So bored. Went out 8 times to find berries. Still finding stuff to do to kill time...
Bulbapedia is perfect! I love it!
I have visited the Hippopotas page 10 times, and read through it.
Visit my talk page!

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Hippocampus is an extremely cute little male hippopotamus, which has the brains of two Alakazams.

He welcomes all suggestions from the seniors of Bulbapedia [1] becaue he is just a little 11 year old.

His favourite pokemon are Hippopotas, Swarmpert, and Steelix. (Yay!)

Me tags yay

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