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Yo im 16. Ive liked Pokemon since I saw the 1st episode when it first aired.

My favorite types are Electric and Ice.


So far the only games I have are: LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red, Pearl, Diamond, XD, Battle Revolution, and PMD 2 Time.


My teams are very diverse. I will use different typed pokemon, and try not give them the same moves. And I NEVER use legendaries on my teams. NEVERRR!!!! Because to me, using legendaries is like saying "I'm soooo weak that I need to use legendaries to beat other teams who people have spent sooo much time on, just to have them beaten by legends without breaking a sweat."

My teams follow this pattern:


I already have my team for Platinum planned out. I will be trading them to my Diamond to level them up give them their impossible moves, and feed em vitamins.



I used the Attack Modifier on this team, but I never give them moves that are completely ridiculous (Like Absol with Leaf Blade is ok, but absol with frenzy plant is not)



Yes this team has pokemon with same moves but who cares. Anyway, this is one of my favorite teams.


Team #2 Template:Team

Favorite Pokemon

My favorite types are electric and ice.