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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

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This article represents a ship between a human and a Pokémon.

IwazaruShipping is the belief that Cilan and Pansage belong in a romantic relationship. The name comes from Pansage being "no speak monkey".


Cilan's hints

  • Cilan refers to Pansage as his "premium brand" Pokémon which means that he is his most trusted partner.

Cilan begins to boast how perfectly compatible he is with Pansage while battling Ash and his Oshawott.
Cilan got worried when Pansage fell ill from his injury and cradled him in his arms.
Cilan is seen holding Pansage after he is poisoned by group of wild Foongus. He does not do the same for his Dwebble who is also poisoned.
Cilan called Pansage "my precious Pansage" before he gets called out of his Pokéball.

Pansage's hints

Pansage tries to comfort Cilan after he inadvertently knocked over the pot of soup he was making for lunch caused by Ash and Iris's goofing off.


  • Cilan and Pansage have similar personality traits.
  • Their both in the color green. In the case, Cilan having green hair and Pansage being a green.


  • In one of Cilan's artworks, Pansage is on Cilan's right arm.
  • In Fanfare of the Heart, there was an image of Cilan holding his Pansage.

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