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Pearl:there's no end to pokémon

Hi! I am a bit new . my name comes from my first level 100 Pokémon. I have more now and have never used a game sarek, ever, and never will. by the way I have a Darkrai and and all the landedy Pokémon in d/p apart from parka and am a player of p! [ and the Nintendo event Pokemon. my 2nd lvl 100 was Empoleon. ps sorry abut spellings, I am dyslexic. of one talks to one abuat ones spelling one be enkindled if there was oever tast one will talk abaut that. can not talk banned form useing talk page, can talk afor 50 enit's = one will notbe on talk all the time in! sorry got to stop now, bye

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This user can sing.
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