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Who is This Strange Person

Glitchhunter09 can be seen on various forums as well as Youtube. Glitchhunter09 who has not discovered many major flaws in the pokemon games, he has been one of the only people to research the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Trainer House Glitch. He has said that he needs to locate his old Gameboy Color to comense with the final bit of research. Glitchhunter09 has the most terrifying and accurate account on this mysterious event that occurs in GSC:

"As far as I know this cannot be replicated on an emulator and it is still a mystery as to what causes it but I can say it has to do with mystery gift. (unitentional pun. sorry)

Several years ago I went to trainer House in Viridian City on my Silver version for the first time. When I went to battle there I was surprised to notice that the trainer I was battling Had The name PKMN Trainer. Nothing else. He sent out a level 127 Pinser. My level 80 something Ho-oh took care of it in one hit of a Fire Blast. Next he sent out a level 0 Venonat. I quickly defeated it and was awarded 0 Exp points. Sometime after that event I started to notice strange things. When I took mail off of a pokemon and tried to deposit it in the PC I always got this message: "The Mailbox is full!" I looked in my mailbox and sure enough it was. It was full of glitchy, garbled,and untranslatable junkmail. For example: One letter had nothing on it and the name said something like PKMNyk on it while another one had glitch blocks in it. There was even one that crashed my game when I tried to look at it. When I went to decorate my room I noticed that I had items only available with mystery gift as well as some my gameboy character's mom hadn't bought yet. I had all but a few of the bedroom items. The strangest part was I never did mystery gift with anyone. Sometime after that I battled PKMN trainer everyday then one day everything changed. I got another trainer Whose name was 9. on the first turn he sent out a level 30 something Cloyster. I beat it in one hit. Then the game text said "9 is about to send out ?????. Will MAX (my character's name.) change pokemon? I pressed B and He sent out a Cloyster At level 30 something but its name was ?????. I can't remember what happend next. I know the game froze but I'm not for sure if The screen said "WAITING" like it does in two player mode or not. some reports have said it has but I can't really remember if it did or not. My mailbox got crammed full of more glitchy mail. it seemed the more I deleted the more that came appeared. On the plus side I had all the room items including all three big dolls. I'm not really sure why this glitch happens but whatever the reason it has to do with mystery gift. just to convince you I'm not crazy ther are reports of it on a moderately famous glitch website where you e-mail glitch encounters and they are eventually posted."