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Hey! I'm GetOutOfBox, or at least, that's my online name. It's supposed to refer to people thinking "inside a box" (as in not examining their opinions from different angles/limiting their own intellectual growth) and how they should "get out of" said box. Oh well, no one ever seems to realize that.

About Me

I'll start with the most important thing to know when having a conversation with someone, what their gender is. I am male, 17 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes (how ridiculously boring), I am caucasian and I'm tall and kind of between a skinny and average build. The reason I see fit to inform you of these traits, is because I always find it slightly unnerving when I build up an image of how I think people I know online look, only to have their true looks, which are much different than I pictured them, revealed on some random occasion. Kind of like when a movie is made based on your favourite book, but the none of the actors looked anything like you pictured them. I live in Ontario, Canada. Excuse the online-dating style profile ;).

Other than Pokemon, my main interests are Computers, I seem to have a knack for fixing both software and hardware issues, and I particularly enjoy programming games using C++ (the best programming language there is, at least in my opinion). I also enjoy reading fantasy novels with intricate storylines, such as "A Game of Thrones" (classic), though sometimes I'm in the mood for simpler fiction, such as Harry Potter. I reread books A LOT. Sometimes 8-10 times if it's a really good novel. I like most kinds of music, ranging from some 60's rock to modern pop. I'm not a music hipster though, so I can assure you I won't give long speeches about how much rap sucks, or how cool Beethoven is, etc.

I'm very into collecting facts (Wikipedia is my God), and often like to debate philosophical issues, even if I have no power to change them. I am an atheist, though I don't hate religious people.

As for my interest in Pokémon (the reason we're all here), I love the anime to this day. I've lost interest in the games over the years, as I find them to have become watered down and unoriginal. Perhaps they were always that way, though I loved Pokemon Gold/Crystal as a kid. I used to collect the cards, but again, I've lost interest in them over the years. I still have my collection though, so I'll upload scans of them if need-be.

I love the original series of the anime (Indigo League-Master Quest/Season 1-5), and likely as a result of nostalgia, I find it very difficult to get myself interested in the newer seasons. I don't hate the new seasons, in fact, I think the art has come a long way since Season 1, but I don't like most of the voice actors.

Currently Working On

Boosting the quality of anime episode images. This involves adjusting the white-balance, reshading characters and objects to remove compression artifacts, etc. It's fun work though, and it's nice to make Bulbapedia look nicer :)