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Gabbie is a member of Bulbapedia. She joined on August 5, 2008, and since then has made numerous edits to the encyclopedia. She has been an avid Pokémon fan since the franchise was released. Her first official game was Pokémon Crystal, and to this day remains her favorite. With Crystal brought her appreciation of Meganium, the only Grass Pokémon that Gabbie actually enjoys having in her party. She also is quite awesome.


The Shiny Caterpie

The dates of the following event are completely unknown, and the event is being reported by vague memory.

On a fateful spring day in the early 2000's (most likely 2001), Gabbie, a younger fan of her Crystal version, sat down to play her file. She currently had a Feraligatr in the 60's she was striving to train and make strong. She required only a few more of Kanto's gym badges until she would be permitted to enter Mt. Silver, and most importantly, defeat Red, something she had not yet been able to accomplish.

Upon turning on her Gameboy Color, Gabbie was greeted with the familiar introduction screen, and pressed A. She looked at the screen in shock to find that the "Continue" option was no longer available, only "New Game" and "Options" were visible. Doubt then arose in her mind--will I be able to save? Did I completely lose my file With hope, she selected "New Game."

Before this, Gabbie had (mostly) completed a file with Chikorita as a starter, and briefly with Totodile. Cyndaquil was the only one left, so the Fire-type was selected, and she headed off.

On her journey to the house of the notorious Mr. Pokémon, a wild Caterpie appeared! Normally, an event as trivial as this would be unimportant and would only result of a "Run." This Caterpie, however, was different.

It was shiny.

Gabbie looked in her bag--only a potion and some berries. Not a single PokéBall. With despair, she ran from the Caterpie, and since then, has not seen a Shiny Pokémon.


Current Priorities

  • Train moar in current Silver file. (16 badges, must beat Red for the first time in my life!)
  • Catch Latios in current Ruby file.
  • Read Tale of Two Cities for summer reading. :<