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  • Argument 1: Number
  • Argument 2: Gender differences present (yes/no, no=default)
  • Argument 3: RG completion level
  • Argument 4: B compl. level
  • Argument 5: Y compl. level
  • Argument 6: G compl. level
  • Argument 7: S compl. level
  • Argument 8: C compl. level
  • Argument 9: RS compl. level
  • Argument 10: FRLG compl. level
  • Argument 11: compl. E level
  • Argument 12: compl. DP level
  • Argument 13: compl. Pt level
  • Argument 14: compl. HGSS level
  • Argument 15: compl. BW level
  • Argument 16: compl. B2W2 level

Completion levels:

  • #080: Image is OK; sprite is not shown.
  • #400: Sprite should be transparent, but it isn't.
  • #040: The size of the sprite is incorrect.
    • Correct sizes for sprites are 56x56 pixels (Gen I and II sprites) and 64x64 pixels (Gen III sprites). Does not apply to Emerald and Gen IV onwards, since their animation makes them to use variable size. In Crystal the sprites stay in the 56x56 box, so the size limit applies to them. Sprites should face left (as if they were just encountered in a wild battle).
  • #004: The sprite is still, but it should be an animated one.
    • Sprites in Crystal column and any column after, and including, Emerald should be animated.
  • #440: Transparency problem + wrong size
  • #404: Transparency problem + not animated
  • #044: Wrong size + not animated
  • #444: Multifail: transparency problem, wrong size, not animated
  • #b00 (default): Sprite is not uploaded yet.
MS Red Green Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal Ruby Sapphire FireRed LeafGreen Emerald Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Black White Black 2 White 2
[[File:Ani{{{1}}}MS.png|{{{1}}}]] [[Image:Spr 1g {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 1b {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 1y {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 2g {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 2s {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 2c {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 3r {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 3f {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 3e {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 4d {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 4p {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 4h {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 5b {{{1}}}.png]] [[Image:Spr 5b2 {{{1}}}.png]]