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{{User Female|380}}
{{User Female|380}}
{{User Bulbanews Staff|writer}}
{{User Bulbanews Staff|writer}}
{{User Bulbapedia staff|JAdmin}}
{{User Bulbapedia staff|Admin}}
{{User:Funktastic~!/User Yarn}}
{{User:Funktastic~!/User Yarn}}
{{User:Funktastic~!/User Yarn|Knitting|knits}}
{{User:Funktastic~!/User Yarn|Knitting|knits}}

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In case you ever need to contact me in a hurry, I'm herroyalfunkiness on skype(what I prefer) or ayumiuchiha13 on AIM (I don't use it much though).

I'm Funktastic~! I'm otherwise known as Too Funk to Druck in most places, toofunktodruck on Twitter, LassTooFunktoDruck on Youtube, and fuckyeahfirepokemon on Tumblr.

I'm mostly interested in the games or the Adventures manga, and I try to help out in that area when I can.

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