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Hey there, thanks for stumbling onto my page. I've been editing here since the start of 2011. I left for a couple of months and then I came back a few months ago and help fix up articles.

I first started playing Pokémon around the time I was going into Kindergarten and I got a GameBoy Color. I was rather happy to get it, a Pokémon game and some cards; which also led to me eventually collecting the TCG cards. From there I just kept on playing and playing. As soon as Generation II came out I already had a nice little set of cards and was enjoying the games as always. I've come along way since then and still enjoy the games.

Some of my favorite Pokémon are Glaceon, Gardevoir, Skitty, Magnezone, and Milotic. Most of my favorite Pokémon tend to come from the Psychic, Water, and Ice groups although altogether as a team it would not do well if I only used a team consisting of those three types.

As for favorite characters, I have a variety of them I like. I always found Team Rocket hilariously ironic in Generation II since they say they get rid of Pokémon that they consider worthless yet the majority of them use Zubat and Ratatta although to be fair, Zubat's final form Crobat actually turns out to be rather awesome as a member on a team. Raticate is just more annoying.

Ever since arriving at Bulbapedia it feels an awful lot like having a home. Simply editing and improving the site with a lot of other people who enjoy the same game series. Favorite things to read are probably episodes and Pokémon pages learning about the episodes I haven't watched yet and seeing if there is a way to make my teams in the Pokémon games even better. I hope that one day that this site can be complete. However with Nintendo always releasing new games every year and cards, it will likely never be complete but the articles can always be improved.

My main goals to get done on this site is trying to expand stubs, try to add images if possible, and correct minor things. Do hope to be able to keep the site going and getting ever better!

Goals on Bulbapedia

  • Clean up articles
    • Update TCG related articles
  • Add content to stubs
  • Add better images
  • Welcome Newcomers
    • Help newcomers out if needed
  • Update articles and templates as needed