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Hi! As you can see, I am Frostagin. I like Pokémon, Digimon, dragons(such as Saphira),and Bakugan. You may call me Fro, if you prefer to abbreviate. testing--Frostagin 23:23, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

Basic Info

I don't have user tags yet, so lets just sum this up in words. Im a girl, and ten years old. I am Aquarius, and love fire types.My favorite Pokémon is Blaziken, my favorite legendary is Arceus, and my favorite Bakugan are Wavern and Naga.

My Bakugan

Name Type G's
Clawsaurus Haos 740
Neo Dragonoid Darkus 640
Alpha Percival Ventus 630
Wavern Haos 600
Midnight Percival Haos 550
Percival(deka) Darkus 540
Storm Skyress Aquos 500
Sirenoid Haos 490
Neo Dragonoid Pyrus 460
Lazerman Pyrus 400
Scorpion Ventus trap
Scorpion Darkus trap
Zoack(deka) Pyrus trap

more coming soon!

(traps don't have g's)

Team Budew

I am the current leader of Team Budew.Here is its current status:

Status: Open
Goal: For the group of new users to devote themselves in helping others, using teamwork, to do better

1-4 months: Lv. 1-Budew
5-8 months: Lv. 2-Roselia
9-11 months: Lv. 3-Roserade
1 year and up: Graduation

* Tavisource - founder
* Dragonbeastx - graduated
* GoldsWigglytuff - graduated Start date: 10 October, 2008
* GuyNamedSean - graduated Start date: 28 November, 2008
* Smartkidhen - graduated Start date: 7 November, 2008
* Frostagin-Roserade Start date: 14 April, 2009 --

Ask on talk page to sign up.