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Hi! As you can see, I am Frostagin. I like Pokémon, Digimon, dragons(such as Saphira),and Bakugan. You may call me Fro, if you prefer to abbreviate. testing--Frostagin 23:23, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

Basic Info

i will work on this section later.

My Bakugan

Name Type G's
Waverin Haos 600
Percival Darkus 540
Lars Lion Darkus 510

more coming soon!

(•=I do not know it's name)

Team Budew

I am the current leader of Team Budew.Here is its current status:

Status: Open
Goal: For the group of new users to devote themselves in helping others, using teamwork, to do better

1-4 months: Lv. 1-Budew
5-8 months: Lv. 2-Roselia
9-11 months: Lv. 3-Roserade
1 year and up: Graduation

* Tavisource - founder
* Dragonbeastx - graduated
* GoldsWigglytuff - graduated Start date: 10 October, 2008
* GuyNamedSean - graduated Start date: 28 November, 2008
* Smartkidhen - graduated Start date: 7 November, 2008
* Frostagin-Roserade Start date: 14 April, 2009 --

Ask on talk page to sign up.